Blossom as more of who you truly are & offer your wild soul wisdom and medicine to the world

You’ve done inner work. 

You have come home to the holy ground within your own body and soul. 

You know yourself. You have differentiated between what beliefs belong to you and what you absorbed from the world around you. You feel rooted in what truly matters to you. 

You have been on a heroine’s journey, embracing the gifts of the soul’s winter season. You created the cocoon into which you could crawl and dissolve into more of who you are meant to become. 

At first it felt delicious. 

Nourishing. Exactly what you had been yearning for and needing for a long time. 



A true homecoming to your body, feelings, imagination, and wild soul

But recently, if you’re honest, the walls of your cocoon are starting to chafe. It’s starting to feel less like a womb and more like a tomb. You feel a call to creation and expansion. To put yourself, your wisdom, your gifts, and your medicine out into the world in meaningful ways. 

Your wings are ready and they are longing for flight.

These stirrings of the inner spring can sometimes be met with warm welcome, but other times they can also fill us with trepidation. Often, it’s a bit of both.

Trust me, I know.

In the late summer of last year, I self-published my book Homecoming: One Woman’s Story of Dismantling the Inner Cage & Freeing Her Wild Feminine Soul. It was the most meaningful creation I have birthed thus far in my life. It is a book that is woven through with my story, the story of my work, and how I see the world; to offer it to the public was equal parts enlivening and terrifying! 

It felt like serving up my heart and soul on a platter, knowing full well that it may not be a meal that many folks would be hungry for or able to digest. 

If I had not been on this homecoming journey of my own, I may have buckled under the pressure. My fears of what others might think would have changed my writing, or prevented me from starting altogether (my computer is full of half-organized files and ideas loosely gathered by theme from previous stops and starts of my book) or kept me from clicking “publish”. 

When we are feeling the stirrings of spring within, the call to our own wild soul blossoming, I have found that there are a few main patterns that can keep us from meaningfully giving our gifts to the world (whether that gift is a book, an exhibition, an album, a program, a podcast, or something else entirely):

  1. The Resurgence of the Tyrant King and Good Girl energies. Basically, we fall into old patterns. Our inner Good Girl worries what others will think and is terrified of releasing control of how others will see or experience her. We suddenly become very worried about doing it wrong or getting in trouble somehow. Meanwhile, the Tyrant King tries to take over the project from our wild soul. Then we are no longer creating for ourselves from a connection to our hearts and with trust in the greater unfolding, but are fixated on numbers, measurable results, ROI, and engineering our way to an end goal (then we wonder why giving our sacred gift seems to have lost its luster for us…).
  2. Anxiety & Fear. As we move towards what we desire, as we step into our destiny (I know, that’s a big word), and claim ourselves as creators, there is often a nearly equal inner force that tries to push us back towards where we came from. The closer we get to the treasure, the larger the dragon becomes that is guarding it.
  3. Confusing staying small with staying safe. Thousands of years of patriarchy has taught women that in order to stay safe we have to stay small. Thus, we can overstay our welcome in winter. A natural and needed season of contraction becomes a forced season of constriction, as we don’t allow ourselves to bloom, even when the time comes. 

In our culture, when we encounter these obstacles to our blossoming, our tendency is to want to simply push past them. We apply greater force believing it’s just an issue of willpower. 

We get accountability buddies and set measurable goals and establish structured schedules to complete the necessary tasks.

We relate to ourselves with carrots and sticks… 

If I finish this chapter by my deadline, I will take myself out to a fancy dinner! (Carrot)

I will not go meet my friends until I have crossed this action item off my to-do list! (Stick)

Can we create this way?

Sure. A great many people do.

But oftentimes, what we create will be from the energy of the Tyrant King and the Good Girl. The process itself will lack joy, meaning, and vitality, and that will carry into whatever it is that we are creating. We also erode our trust in ourselves and in life, and the beauty that we long to birth becomes little more than another chore in our never-ending list. 

Homecoming: The Blossoming is predicated on one thing that I know to be true from my own experience and that of my clients:

Your blossoming doesn’t need to be forced; with the right conditions, your wild soul essence will naturally flourish and you will actually WANT to bring your gifts to the world without coercion.

Homecoming: The Blossoming is about creating those conditions. We do this by…

Clearing out the old voices of the Tyrant King and Good Girl that will inevitably attempt to hijack your creation for their own purposes. We call them out when we see them, thank them for their service, and listen for and amplify the voice of your wild soul that is yearning to break through.

Preparing the inner ground so that it will allow your creation to burst forth into the sunlight. This means meeting yourself with gentleness, curiosity, compassion, and courage. If the inner soil of your being is hard-packed from years of forcing and coercion and criticism, it will be mighty difficult for anything meaningful to sprout! 

Befriending the inner dragon of your anxiety. Anxiety, fear, and alarm feel like a hard stop in the body. Sometimes they are needed and helpful, and other times, they can prevent us from living the big, messy, and creative lives that we most long for. So, we will sort the seeds and discern when we want to listen to our fear and when it is holding us back. And we will focus on nourishing your whole body/mind/heart/soul wellbeing, so that you can learn to tolerate moving forward with your anxiety. Because, in my experience, that dragon isn’t going anywhere and nor do we want it to! 

Questioning what you have learned. We have a propensity to turn societal issues into personal shortcomings. When we can place what we are experiencing in a historical context, and see that it has been taught and passed down from generation to generation, we can meet ourselves with greater compassion. OF COURSE, we are afraid of being visible and taking up space and revealing our true face to the world. We have learned, in multiple ways, that this is not safe or acceptable as women.

Finally, and this one is very important…

Homecoming – The Blossoming is about making space for the meaning of what you’re creating. It is not a tactical or strategic program. I will not be your accountability buddy. I will not check in to see if you wrote the chapter that you said you would. This journey is about staying connected to what you are creating, and WHY, throughout the entire process of creation. It is about mythologizing your life and seeing how your sacred offering fits into the greater unfolding of your soul’s destiny. It is about YOU allowing, tending, and celebrating your own glorious emergence.

Homecoming – The Blossoming is a six-month, intimate and intuitive one-on-one coaching offering.

In Homecoming: The Blossoming, we will work together in an intimate one-on-one coaching container, meeting every other week via Zoom, to tend to your most sacred, creative emergence.  

This six-month coaching offer consists of:

  • 90-minute Opening Ceremony, including either a three-card tarot spread or a 30-minute Qoya-inspired movement ritual to open the container
  • 9 75-minute intuitive coaching sessions
  • 90-minute mid-point check-in, including 30 minutes of Qoya Inspired Movement exploring a theme that is resonant in your life through embodiment
  • 90-minute Closing Ceremony, including either a three-card tarot spread or a 30-minute Qoya-inspired movement ritual to close the container
  • Sessions notes from each coaching call, where I will synthesize the major themes that were brought up on the call. These notes might also include suggested myths or stories, integration exercises, poems, artwork, and ritual suggestions. You will receive session notes from me within 24 hours of your coaching session.
  • Prioritized email support where you can bring me any questions, noticings, aha moments, with a guaranteed thoughtful response (you also have the ability to upgrade to Voxer voice support)
  • Weekly email check-ins from me
  • A hand-selected gift to mark the end of this transition (gift will be given at the end of the program when we know each other better and I have a sense of this journey has meant for you)
  • At the completion of your initial six months, you will be given the option to extend your Homecoming experience on a month-to-month basis at a rate of $550 per month for two 75-minute coaching sessions per month, complete with soul notes and all between-session support. I offer this because each journey is different and rarely fits into a neatly boxed timeline.

Coaching sessions follow an intuitive flow, where there is no set agenda for each session. We learn to trust what is coming forth, and work with that. 

Homecoming – The Blossoming might be for you if…

  • You have a soul offering that you want to birth into the world already simmering, but you feel stuck in the creative process. You may have started and stopped, or you know that you want to begin but something always seems to get in the way.
  • You can sense something beautiful emerging, but it hasn’t come into form at all yet. You want to turn towards and tend this emergence in a loving and meaningful way, without letting your Good Girl and Tyrant King take over. 
  • You no longer want to force, bully, or cajole yourself into taking action
  • You want your creation to be rooted in your wild heart and soul
  • That this creation feels like a true expression of you is of utmost importance to you, more important than sales numbers or other measurable results
  • You have done the inner work and know that this project is deeply meaningful to you, rather than being something you believe you “should” do.
  • What other people think matters less to you than how it feels to you (or at least, you’d like it to!)
  • You find words like soul, destiny, and mythology to be enlivening 
  • You long for a slow, gentle, and soulful approach to meaningful creation
  • You want a loving and fertile space to share your work and be witnessed

On the other hand, it is probably not the best fit if…

  • You’re looking for a set structure, timelines and accountability to finish your project
  • How the world receives the work is more important to you than it feeling like an authentic expression of your soul (that can be true for some projects and there isn’t anything wrong with that; it simply means this isn’t the best offering for you)
  • You haven’t gone on the Homecoming – The Deepening journey, either with me, someone else, or by yourself. You are still firmly in the grip of your Good Girl, Rebel and Tyrant King, and thus, haven’t gotten to know your own wild soul enough to hear what she desires to create.
  • You say, “Screw slow and gentle; I just want to get this shit done!”

The Session

Though our sessions take place virtually, either via Zoom or over the phone (with the exception of the 90-minute sessions, which all take place via Zoom), from the minute the session starts you will know that you have walked into sacred time and space. I will invite you to find a place where you can curl up comfortably and won’t be disturbed. 

The first 10-15 minutes of our session is spent in a grounding meditation, where you will be able to root into your body and mama earth, and let go of any stress or tension that may have gathered between sessions. Taking this time is so important, as it helps you to drop below the busyness of the mind and the constant to-dos of your Tyrant King and invite your embodied soul wisdom to come through more clearly. Occasionally, I may open up our session by pulling an oracle card, if I feel so moved. Or I might put on a song and we will both shake our bodies vigorously! 

The session follows an intuitive flow of what wants to come through. Sometimes clients have particular aspects of their soul project they want to share or work through, other times they come to the session with no idea what we are going to talk about. It never ceases to amaze me how in either case your own wild soul, when given the space and time to meander and be heard, has so many potent things to share. 

At the mid-point of the program, Homecoming also includes a guided Qoya-inspired live movement session to help you feel, embody, and ritualize what you are moving through. Much like with the meditation, this invites you to more fully inhabit your body and not only approach this work through your mind. 

After each session, you will receive the session notes emailed to you within 24 hours of the completion of your session (I like to noodle on the themes for a while). Occasionally, these may include suggested integration practices or rituals to play with, but there is not a designated amount of time that you need to devote to this practice every week. These suggestions will be there for you if and when your wild heart feels called to them. If you are being driven by your inner Tyrant King and Good Girl, the propensity will be to want to turn coming home to yourself into another project. You will want homework to complete to know that you are “doing it right” and “staying on schedule”.

You won’t receive that. 

Even if the only time you devote to the program is our allotted session time, I trust that is enough and right. 

This isn’t a process that you need to work on; it’s a process that will work on you.

A Few Notes…

As your coach, I am devoted to YOU as a human being, the voice of your wild soul, and how the spring energy of emergence is moving through you, more so than I am devoted to any single project. If your goal is to finish your creation in a six-month coaching container come hell or high water, I am not your gal. 

What is most important to me is that you stay connected to yourself, and the meaning of what you are creating, throughout all the seasons of your life. 

So if your wild soul or the wild ride that is life throws in a significant curveball during our time together, I will not collude with the culture to call these things mere “distractions”. You are not a production machine; you are an open-hearted, warm-blooded, soft-bodied human. All of your life is not only welcome on this journey, but paramount to it. 

Because on this journey, we remember how to create without leaving ourselves behind. 

This might mean two months into the program you realize you are writing the wrong book; the one that your inner Good Girl and Tyrant King want to write, but that doesn’t speak to your soul. 

Or you might see how you are trying to muscle yourself into spring even though you haven’t allowed yourself to move through the grief of winter.

This is partially why, though the two different flavors of the Homecoming journey are distinct from one another, there is much overlap. A seasonal map is helpful, but life is rarely so neat and tidy. Even in the spring and summertime seasons, we must all dip back into the shedding of autumn and the quiet inner wisdom of winter from time to time.

If this sounds like the type of offering that you have been looking for, one where your sacred creativity is held and nurtured, and where your wild artist soul is midwifed into being, I invite you to schedule a Soul Diving Session here. If we have not worked together before, an initial Soul Diving Session is required to ensure that this program will be a good fit for you; you can read more about them here.