You are a wild, untamable, majestic creature. It breaks my heart when you cannot see your own brilliance, your uniqueness, your gifts.

I am here to tell you that it is safe to BE YOU. You can let yourself shine fully. You do not need to earn anyone else’s love or approval by making yourself smaller or cutting off pieces of yourself to fit in their specific mold.

Trust me when I say that there is magic in you that ONLY YOU have. That can never be recreated by anyone else. The world needs it. You need it. That is why you are here.

Woman…you are strong. Stronger than you probably know. It is okay to dive into the depths, to feel it all, to come face to face with yourself in the dead of night. You can hold whatever you find. You have the capacity to love yourself fully, in both your light and your shadow.

Woman…you are soft and vulnerable and tender and beautiful. Stop trying to harden yourself. You allowed the world to make you believe that your softness was weak, but you know better now. You know that the world needs more wild and tender hearts.

Woman…you are intuitive. Trust your nudges and your yearnings and your heart tugs more than any voice that is external to you, even when they don’t make logical sense. It is okay to know what you know. You don’t need to prove yourself or explain your life choices to anyone else. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside, what matters is that it FEELS TRUE for you.

Woman…you have everything that you need within you. You don’t need to please or achieve to prove your worth. You are worthy, just as you are right now. Simply because you are alive.

Woman…what I wish for you is a life of breadth and depth, intimacy and expansion, joy and sorrow. For you to be able to feel and hold both your vulnerability and your power and know that there is no contradiction there.

I want you to cry, to grieve, to rage, to laugh, to delight, to love SO FULLY that you break open all the shackles that have kept you hidden and “protected”. That have kept you in and the world out.

I want you to swim in the sea, take delight in the feeling of your dog’s fur beneath your fingertips, to inhale the day like the air of a cool mountain morning. I want you to experience what it means to be in your human body and realize what a gift that is. What a sacred gift this life is.

To be alive. To be embodied. To love yourself without conditions as the wise and wild woman that you are.

With love, Linda