Homecoming: One Woman’s Story of Dismantling the Inner Cage and Freeing Her Wild Feminine Soul

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For any woman who has arrived at midlife feeling stifled and trapped in a life of obligations and productivity, who feels her soul’s longing for freedom, but has no idea how to infuse her life with the wild abandon she dreams of without burning the whole thing down, comes this inspiring and transformational book.

Homecoming: One Woman’s Story of Dismantling the Inner Cage and Freeing Her Wild Feminine Soul tells the tale of wild feminine life coach Linda Sewallius Katz’s journey to reclaim her wildness and her wholeness. Ms. Katz offers a framework for women’s liberation and asserts that what’s missing in our lives cannot be healed with more doing. Instead she encourages us to initiate our own heroine’s journey, to shed all that is not truly ours so that we can uncover and become a truer, more fully-expressed version of ourselves. Part memoir, part psychospiritual map, this beautifully written account of Ms. Katz’s quest for reclamation serves as an intimate guide for the reader to embark upon her own sacred journey. 

If you are in the US, you can purchase Homecoming via this link; if you are outside of the US, please visit your local Amazon site and search “homecoming linda katz”.

Get the Homecoming Companion Guide

The Homecoming Companion Guide provides sacred ways for you to explore how the ideas and stories you encounter in the book might be resonant in your own life. Much of my work is grounded in emotion, embodiment, and imagination; these are aspects of life that can be evoked on the page, but are really meant to be experienced. 

The companion guide begins with setting the space and declaring your intention for this work, and then it follows each individual season on the heroine’s journey. Each season features journaling questions, a ritual practice, a Qoya-inspired movement, and a suggested oracle / tarot card spread. There is also a link to a super secret portal that includes videos of the suggested movement practices, longer movement rituals, and guided meditations. 

After the release of the book on 8/15, you will be able to get your copy of the Homecoming Companion Guide for free by registering for my Mythical Musings and Wild Ponderings newsletter. Stay tuned!

Homecoming Companion Guide

Receive this Sacred 30-Page Guide

A companion on your own journey back home to yourself, this guide is meant to accompany you as you read Homecoming. With seasonally inspired movement rituals, journaling questions, tarot spreads, and more, you will be invited to free your own wild feminine soul through embodiment and imaginative practices. Right now it is available for free download when you register for my Wild Ponderings newsletter.