Hello Glorious Woman.

You long for a life that feels soulful, meaningful, and magical, one where you feel at home and alive within yourself. 

You have worked so hard and tried so many things to grasp this more beautiful life that, despite your best intentions, continues to elude you. 

You might be a bit confused by this, because if you are like me, you’ve been on the hunt for a life that feels this way for quite a while. You might have even taken some big risks in an effort to obtain it. 

Maybe you quit your job to start working on your passion project full time.

But you still felt unfulfilled.

Maybe you tried all the personal development plans and programs. You read all the self-help books.

You still feel lost. No closer to home than when you started this journey. 

Maybe you moved to a new city or ended a long-term relationship, all in the spirit of becoming more yourself and creating a life that felt like your own. 

But it didn’t work.

You’re beginning to realize just how far away from the core of yourself you have wandered, and you have no idea how to get back. 

This is all exhausting. 

And frustrating. 

And might have you wondering if you will ever be able to feel as if you truly belong to your life and that your life belongs to you. 

Here’s what I have found:

We will never find ourselves by looking outside of ourselves. 

We won’t find ourselves in someone else’s five step plan to authenticity or in yet another personal development book. We have been on the hunt for something that has lived within us all along, right there under our noses and we’ve been too busy or too afraid to go there. 

Your wild soul, and the path to uncovering a life that brings you alive, is entirely unique to you as an individual. 

That’s why following other people’s paths, though they can provide valuable information, will never lead you back home to yourself. 

Rather, the biggest and most important question on coming home to our wild and soulful self that I have found is this:

What is it within you that is holding you back from hearing your soul’s whispers and from expressing them into the world? 

Because, once you remove the blockages, the clear waters that have been waiting behind the dam can come rushing in on their own accord. There is nothing you need to fix or do or improve upon. There is no special formula you need to follow. You remove the blockages and gently call the soulful waters back into your life.

What might these obstacles that dam up your waters be?

In my experiences, here are…


The Two Biggest Obstacles To Your Wild and Magical Life: The Good Girl & The Tyrant King

The two largest blockages that I see holding women back from hearing the voice of their own wild soul are the inner Good Girl and the Tyrant King. 


The first is the Good Girl.

She lives within you and is so damn concerned with what other people think and want and need, that she never takes the time to listen for her own quiet yearnings. 

When you are trapped under the spell of the Good Girl, your soul voice is buried under a mound of never-ending obligations. And they are never-ending because you can’t get yourself to say ‘no’ to requests and, once you’ve said ‘yes’, you have to see them through to completion because that is what it means to be a good and responsible adult. 

The Good Girl is afraid of coloring outside the lines or doing or saying anything “wrong”, and rests her locus of validation firmly outside of herself. 

Rather than asking how something feels to her, she is concerned with how it looks to other people. 

Rather than asking what it is that she most wants, she wonders what other people want and need her to be. 

She is pleasing, performative, and perfectionistic. 


The other major blockage is the Tyrant King. 

This overbearing masculine presence is so common in our culture that it can be difficult to even see. It is his voice within you that barks orders and issues edicts, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. He is your inner task-master and rule-maker, and more than anything, he wants you to be productive. Always doing. Always striving. Always achieving. 

And never slowing down to ponder, “What for?” or “At what cost?”

The Tyrant King keeps us from ever fully receiving the present moment because he’s always telling us what else we should be doing. And there is never a lack of items to check off on his to-do list. 

When we are being driven by our inner Tyrant King our life becomes a never-ending list of obligations that need to be completed. We are always so busy doing, either in our external lives or at the very least in our minds (which have a running tally of where we are with everything), that there is never the space or time to simply be

And under the harsh light of the Tyrant King, a solar consciousness that has dominated a more cyclical and lunar way of being, all we are left with is what is logical, rational, and productive. 

And then we wonder why our wild feminine soul feels as if she is withering.


The Journey

In Homecoming: Returning to the Wild Soul Within, we will work together in an intimate one-on-one coaching container, meeting every other week via Zoom (or over the phone), to explore the blockages that keep your soulful waters from running free and what secret yearnings your soul is whispering to you in the dead of night. 

This six-month coaching offer consists of:

  • 10 60-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 90-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 bonus 30-minute sessions (these can be regular coaching sessions or I will create a personalized movement ritual to help you embody and dance with what you are moving through in your life)
  • Sessions notes from each coaching call, where I will synthesize the major themes that were brought up on the call. These notes might also include suggested myths or stories, integration exercises, poems, artwork, and ritual suggestions. You will receive session notes from me within 24 hours of your coaching session.
  • Prioritized email support where you can bring me any questions, noticings, aha moments, with a guaranteed thoughtful response
  • Weekly email check-ins from me
  • A hand-selected gift to mark the end of this transition (gift will be given at the end of the program when we know each other better and I have a sense of this journey has meant for you)

Coaching sessions follow an intuitive flow, where there is no set agenda for each session. We learn to trust what is coming forth, and work with that. 


Generally, there are two main facets to the journey. 

Facet #1 – Seeing The Patterns

The first is helping you to see, name, and remove the patterns of the Good Girl and the Tyrant King that are blocking your soulful waters from flowing. We might work with what is showing up in your daily life, what is triggering you, or where things feel a bit sticky or stagnant. This might encompass the bigger questions like, “How do I know what my purpose is?” to the impact of smaller, daily interactions, like getting upset with a friend. 


Facet #2 – Courting The Wild, Wise Woman

The second facet is gently calling those soulful waters back into your life and trusting where they want to flow. We move beyond the rational and mental realm, and into the world of magic and mystery. We follow what is quietly calling to your curiosity, listen for your intuitive nudges, and amplify the voice of your wild soul. We might bring in: 

  • Your night dreams
  • Dance and embodiment practices
  • Poetry
  • Metaphor
  • Art
  • Stories and myths
  • Oracle cards
  • Visualization and other imaginative practices
  • Ritual
  • The rhythms of nature, like working with the seasons and the moon

Schedule Your Soul Diving Session Now

Is There A Guarantee?

This is not your standard six-month coaching program, where I make a bunch of guarantees as to what your life will look like at the end of it. I can’t promise you what external benchmarks you will achieve. 

Homecoming is less about what it looks like, and more about how it feels. 

It’s less about your external life, and more about cultivating a rich inner life and seeing how that life wants to blossom open into the world. 


3 Things I Won’t Promise You

  1. A Step-By-Step Plan – Each individual soul is different, and for that reason, every coaching session and every coaching journey is different. There is no one size fits all approach to a human being. I cannot give you a 10-step plan to become more of yourself. Will I provide you context regarding where I think you might be in your journey? Yes. Will I share what I see regarding patterns that might be hindering your soul voice from shining through? Yes. But I will not be providing you with ways for you to get out of the places in yourself that feel uncomfortable. In fact, I am more likely to lovingly guide you into those places. We will venture where we are guided and explore the terrain until we feel called to meander to new territory.
  2. An Accountability Buddy – If you are looking for a coach who will help to hold you accountable to the goals that you set, I am not your gal. I will not conspire and collude with your inner Tyrant King. That is not because I don’t want to see your deepest soul longings and dreams come to fruition, but rather because I believe that there is something innate within you that actually wants to come forth in its own divine timing. It doesn’t need to be forced or pushed or held accountable. Not even by you, and definitely not by me. What I will do is help you to listen to that voice of subtle yearning, that blossoming curiosity, and trust in its organic unfolding.
  3. Measurable External Results – Like I said above, I cannot promise you what your life will look like at the end of six months, because I have no idea what your wild soul has in store for you! I don’t know what kind of magic your soul and mother nature and the mystery of the universe will cook up when those blockages are removed. That’s not for me to know. And if you’ve been trapped in the Good Girl/Rebel/Tyrant King dynamic, you probably have no idea either! You need time to separate out your authentic voice from the voices of others that you have internalized, to find a space where you can hear your own desires outside of what you have been taught you “should” want. In the words of T.S. Eliot, hope would be hope for the wrong thing.


Wait Without Hope

I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope

For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,

For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith

But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.

Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:

So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.

Whisper of running streams, and winter lightning.

The wild thyme unseen and the wild strawberry,

The laughter in the garden, echoed ecstasy

Not lost, but requiring, pointing to the agony

Of death and birth.

T.S. Eliot, East Coker

What I Will Promise You…

So you might be wondering, if you can’t give me a plan or any tangible results to measure our work by, what on earth are you offering me? If I didn’t scare you away already, I have a sneaking suspicion that your soul is what has led you here, not your Tyrant King or your Good Girl. This is what I can offer a woman who desires to be led by her wild soul and live in communion with the world: 


A Soft Place to Land

Because so much of our world is run by the Tyrant King, we have very few soft places to land. We have zones of judgment and criticism, where we compare and measure our results and our behavior. There are very few places where we can bring all of ourselves without fear of judgment. Our excitement. Our joy. Our fear. Our grief. Without being told that one of them is wrong or needs to be fixed or transcended. 

Homecoming is a place where you get to be fully human. Where all parts of you are welcome and held in love. We welcome the pieces of you that have been exiled to the dungeon; and we celebrate their return. With gentleness, curiosity, and compassion, I will help you to explore what has been holding you back and what it is that you most long for.


To be a fierce and confident guide

What I will offer you throughout is my unwavering support. My confidence in your soul’s capacity to lead you. My belief in the blossoming that is possible for you. I will share the wisdom that I have gained through experience, as well as that which I have learned through others (by sharing their words or images or stories) if I feel like it might be good medicine for you. 

A space that lacks an agenda

We may venture into areas within your inner landscape that are unmapped terrain. Or we may meander through the same dark patch of forest or circumambulate the same meadow again and again, if that is what is needed. There is no sense of the path that you “should” take or a timeline as to when you need to get “there”. This is a space to explore at leisure. A space to cultivate a rich inner life in whatever form that takes. This isn’t a class where you need to fear falling behind or doing the homework on time. Coming home to yourself is a process, not a destination, and dropping our need to always be efficiently moving towards an end goal that never seems to arrive is part of the point. 


To help remove the obstacles 

I cannot promise or even predict what your soul’s journey will be in this lifetime, or the magic that life might have in store for you. What I can do is to help you become conscious of, and thereby remove, the obstacles that stand in the way of you hearing your own wild soul, and trusting in her wisdom. By bringing the patterns of the Good Girl, the Rebel and the Tyrant King to consciousness, by seeing and naming them, we depotentiate them. One by one, we begin to take out what is damming the river so that your soulful waters can flow unencumbered once again. 

To listen for “the river beneath the river” in the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I will listen for what is left unsaid, for your soul’s whispers that you may not hear clearly yet because of the incessant chatter of the Good Girl, the Rebel, and the Tyrant King. I will amplify those whispers and speak them back to you so that you can begin to hear your true voice more clearly. When you drop beneath the voice of your Tyrant King, what wants to emerge from you? What do you most long for? What is your authentic voice? These are some of the questions that will guide us along the way.


Homecoming might be for you if…

  • You long for a rich and meaningful life, where the simple pleasures like biting into a juicy peach on a summer’s day or jumping into a cool mountain lake or the soft snores of your partner sleeping beside you remind you how grateful you are to be alive. 
  • You want a greater sense of mystery and magic, where life feels delightfully synchronistic and is if the whole world is speaking with you (like when you think of someone and then they call you out of the blue or when you’re sitting out in nature a butterfly lands on your hand), and and yet you are quite practical and grounded to reality
  • You tend to be in your head a lot, and have a difficult time connecting with your body. When you are in a yoga class, you worry about doing it right. If you’re on a walk, you are entirely lost in your own inner monologue. If you are dancing, you can’t help but worry whether you look silly to other people. Even in the midst of an activity that is devoted to being in your body, you have a hard time dropping in and actually feeling your body. 
  • You are ready to shift your focus from the external journey to the inner journey
  • You’ve been a pleaser and over-achiever for much of your life
  • You know that you are a creative soul, and yet creativity that you are hungry for seems out of reach
  • You want to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and your own inner life
  • You are quite sensitive at your core, though you often try to hide or push through it
  • You are willing to lay down your agenda, your goals, and your to-do lists, at least for a time
  • A softer, slower pace feels like a welcome gift (and maybe a far-off dream)
  • You want to cultivate greater trust in both yourself and life 
  • You believe that the most important things in life are intangible and can’t be measured
  • You’re willing to be with discomfort


On the contrary, this is not a good fit if…

  • If you are still really tied to the external journey, and want to measure “success” by external benchmarks
  • You believe in high vibes only or that certain emotions are “low vibration” and should therefore be transcended
  • You really want a step-by-step plan
  • You believe that life is limited to what you can see with your physical eyes, and what can be rationally and logically understood
  • All of this just sounds like a bunch of baloney to you


The Session

Though our sessions take place virtually, either via Zoom or over the phone (depending on your preference for video), from the minute the session starts you will know that you have walked into sacred time and space. I will invite you to find a place where you can curl up comfortably and won’t be disturbed. 

The first 5-10 minutes of our session is spent in a grounding meditation, where you will be able to root into your body and mama earth, and let go of any stress or tension that may have gathered between sessions. Taking this time is so important, as it helps you to drop below the busyness of the mind and the constant to-dos of your Tyrant King and invite your embodied soul wisdom to come through more clearly. Occasionally, I may open up our session by pulling an oracle card, if I feel so moved. Or I might put on a song and we will both shake our bodies vigorously! 

The session follows an intuitive flow of what wants to come through. Sometimes clients have particular experiences and stories they want to share or work through, other times they come to the session with no idea what we are going to talk about. It never ceases to amaze me how in either case your own wild soul, when given the space and time to meander and be heard, has so many potent things to share. 

At some point during Homecoming, I may also suggest a longer, guided Qoya-inspired live movement session to help you feel, embody, and ritualize what you are moving through. Much like with the meditation, this invites you to more fully inhabit your body and not only approach this work through your mind. 

After each session, you will receive the session notes emailed to you within 24 hours of the completion of your session (I like to noodle on the themes for a while). Occasionally, these may include suggested integration practices or rituals to play with, but there is not a designated amount of time that you need to devote to this practice every week. These suggestions will be there for you if and when your wild heart feels called to them. If you are being driven by your inner Tyrant King and Good Girl, the propensity will be to want to turn coming home to yourself into another project. You will want homework to complete to know that you are “doing it right” and “staying on schedule”.

You won’t receive that. 

Even if the only time you devote to the program is our allotted session time, I trust that is enough and right. 

This isn’t a process that you need to work on; it’s a process that will work on you.


A Soft Place to Land

There are few spaces where all parts of us are welcomed with compassion. Where nothing is left out. Where there is space to feel the ecstatic joy and most crushing sadness. 

This is a deep program, but I also want you to know that we tread lightly, with curiosity, and a hefty dose of fun. Because deep work doesn’t have to be so damn serious. We can laugh and cry in the same breath, because that is life. That is what it means to be a living, breathing, and feeling human being! Contradictions are welcome. Your complexity is welcome. Your doubt, your skepticism, your childlike wonder…all are welcome. 

If your soul responds to this with a quiet, but resounding “yes….” then I invite you to schedule a free Soul Diving Session, where we will get to see if our energy jives together and if we both think that this will be a good fit. 

I don’t believe in the hard sales pitch, so please don’t let that fear stop you from scheduling a call if you feel the tug from deep within. I promise to honor your inherent sovereignty and trust in your capacity to make the best decision for yourself. I promise that if I don’t think this is the best program for you, that I will tell you that. 

Because of the intimacy and depth of the container, I only offer Homecoming to a handful of women at a time. 

The cost for Homecoming: A Return to the Wild Soul Within is $3,300 USD.  

Six months of Homecoming includes:

  • 10 60-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 90-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 bonus 30-minute sessions (these can be regular coaching sessions or I will create a personalized movement ritual to help you embody and dance with what you are moving through in your life)
  • Sessions notes from each coaching call, where I will synthesize the major themes that were brought up on the call and how you can take them with you into your life. These not only serve as a reminder of the work being done, but also help you to weave together your own personal myth and to see the larger story that you are embodying. I want to highlight that the session notes are not simply dictation of what was shared on the call. Rather I spend time to sit with the major themes that I saw emerging and weave them together with art, poetry, ritual, or story. 
  • Prioritized email support where you can bring me any questions, noticings, aha moments, with a guaranteed thoughtful response
  • Weekly email check-ins from me
  • A hand-selected gift to mark the end of this transition (gift will be given at the end of the program when we know each other better and I have a sense of this journey has meant for you)

While you are a part of Homecoming, you will also receive free access to all individual workshops and Qoya classes that I host at no cost.


The Truth of the Matter

I know that investing in a program like this can feel like a giant risk. 

I get it. 

It kind of is a big risk. 

I am not promising you any tangible ROI. There is nothing that you can go show to your partner or your friends that will say, “See! I reached this external benchmark, so it was all worth it!”. Only you will know if it is worth it because this journey is about you. Your soul. Your connection to life. 

What I have found is that it is much easier to spend money on our businesses or our homes or our families than it is on ourselves. 

There is nothing to hide behind here. 

There is no way to justify this expense to the Tyrant King, not the one who lives inside of you or those that may be a part of your life. People may wonder what the heck you are doing. A part of you may wonder what the heck you are doing! That’s to be expected.

There may come a time in the journey when things feel even more unclear and murky than they do now. 

Know that.

Expect that. 

Homecoming is a portal to rebirth of a wilder, wiser, more authentic version of you. But rebirth does require a metaphorical death of the old. Some of the ways that you have been showing up for others in your life may shift. This might make them, and you, uncomfortable. It may shift the nature of your relationship. For a time, you may not know who you are anymore and you may feel dreadfully lost. Dreams may crop up where you are trying to get to your childhood home, but the road is impassable. This is all part of the process, but it is a real risk and it can be very uncomfortable. 

It’s not for everyone.

If you long for a space to call your own, to land gently but firmly in the truth of who you are, I invite you to schedule your free Soul Diving Session. This session will give you a taste of what it is like to work with me and my energy, and will give me an opportunity to better understand what you are moving through in your life. The Soul Diving Session is not a hard sell, and if I don’t believe that we are a good fit, I promise to tell you that kindly but honestly.


This is Too Much for Me Right Now

This journey is a commitment. 

It is deep and intimate, and that’s why I love it so much. But I also realize it’s not for everyone and it’s reserved for special times in your life (typically times of transition that are not honored in our culture for their soulful and symbolic dimension).

If this is too large of a commitment, timewise, moneywise, or emotionally, I invite you to check out some of my other offerings. 

Wild Woman Sessions are single 60-minute coaching sessions completed over the phone, including 10 minutes of grounding meditation and 50 minutes of intuitive coaching. Wild Woman Sessions are $125 per session and are a great way to explore this work and to see if a deeper container feels like a good fit for you. These sessions will not be recorded and do not include session notes or support between sessions.

Uncage the Wildness Within is a year-long group program that explores the four experiential pathways to reclaiming our inner wild: dance, art, dreaming, and rest that begins every spring in the northern hemisphere. Check it out here; applications open February 2022.

I also offer a 30-day Archetypal Exploration to Clearing the Soulful Waters (coming soon!), and even individual Qoya classes and workshops throughout the year (to find out about all events, make sure you are receiving my newsletters by subscribing here). 

Some people want to dive straight into the deep end, while others prefer to wade in more slowly and gradually. Each approach carries its own gifts, and I trust in your capacity to listen to your own body and soul wisdom as to which approach feels right for you. 

Homecoming: A Return to the Wild Soul Within

In a world that is dominated by the productivity, the rationality, the logic and the constant doing and busyness of the Tyrant King, Homecoming is a place to drop into what is most true for you. To slow down and hear the quiet whispers of your own wild soul. To cultivate a rich inner life.  

Your wild feminine soul thrives in the soft moonlight, in the dark and fertile places where the exacting and analytical eye of the Tyrant King cannot reach. She cannot be captured, only courted. When we are separated from this wildness within, our lives start to dry out like the skin of the Selkie, the seal woman, who has been on land for far too long, separated from her true home in the sea. When too much of life is spent on the surface, focused on our tasks and external lives, we start to feel brittle and weak and arid. We become reactive and impatient. 

The medicine is to make space for and evoke the wild soul back into our lives. 

She who provides the life-giving moisture, who dances with the mystery, and rocks us back to life when we have grown weary of too many obligations. 

She who already lives buried within your bones and the dark caverns within your body, and patiently waits for you to remember your ancient soul song to call her back up from the deep.