This work is different.

It doesn’t adhere to what people typically think of as life coaching. It’s not about maximizing your performance in a particular area, optimizing your life, making you more productive, or even turning you into a “better” version of yourself; this work is about becoming more of who you already are. Shedding the layers that stand in the way of your own wild soul expressing itself into the world, and birthing the unique gifts that only you can offer. Here is what some of my beloved clients have shared about working with me.

“I have come to trust myself more”

Homecoming with you, Linda, has contributed greatly to my congruence + coherence as a human, as a woman and as a recovering nice person. Thank you for tending the soil within me for this to come into being. What an amazing co-tender with me of my own emergence you are!  Over these months sitting – and dancing! – with you in sacred dyad, I have come to trust myself more.  The foundational kind of trust, not trust frosting!  I think that it’s inevitable that a woman on this journey with you will come home to herself in this sweet and deep way. I’m also grateful that I did not need to take care of you.  That’s big!  I can find ways to take care of nearly anyone, regardless of our roles and container, lol!  It was a profound gift to experience being seen by you, and receiving that. The space you hold allows for big movements of the soul.  Thank you, Linda, from all my dancing cells! – Kellita

“It’s a true awakening of my soul.”

Imagine your favorite time and place in nature. For me, it’s in the morning hours of a warm and sunny day in early summer months at the shore of the lake where I live. I sit still on the dock. The sun is glistening on the water and the sparkles shine on the ripples. The cool wind plays with the leaves in the trees around me and a blackbird greets the day. That’s how it feels for me to work with Linda – this is what nourishes me most. In our meetings Linda creates a truly beautiful place where I can land with my whole soul. With her deep intuition Linda nudges the subconscious to the surface. I become completely still and through that hidden things can be stirred up and made aware. Our conversations flow intuitively and effortlessly – I love to describe the homecoming journey as a magical unfolding. But as much as this work is magical it is also very palpable. Linda’s suggestions are practical and down to earth. The shifts and changes in my life through this journey resemble the shifts in the earthly plate techtonics. I am fundamentally changed in how I discern the society in which we live. I am aware of the cultural imprints in my feelings and behaviours. I have never been able, through no work I have done so far in my life, to come as close to what I feel is my true self as through the Homecoming journey with Linda. Everyday I feel my innermost being coming alive more and more. It’s a true awakening of my soul. Linda’s gentle guidance is full of joy, and even when there are dark paths to walk, Linda’s humor and hopeful insistence give me courage. Linda has a great gift in coaching but she is also full of knowledge and wisdom. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be on this journey with Linda. It has simply and truly freed me to be myself. Finally. It is said that teachers come when we are ready for them. If you feel something stir inside you telling you that there could be more to life, there could be more of YOU – that something is somehow amiss – Linda is the right person to help you weave the threads of your being into a wonderful and magical tapestry – your very own self. – Mélanie

“My experience of having Linda as my coach has been nothing short of magical…”

Linda is a gifted, attentive listener. Her ability to hold space for whatever arises creates a sense of tremendous safety. I’ve needed that over these last six months as I have unraveled a very difficult time in my life. Linda’s empathy and support has been both validating and expanding for me. She has gently and consistently guided me to get out of my head and to be more grounded, and as a result, has helped me be in more touch with my own wisdom and intuition. She writes beautiful, thoughtful notes after each session (which I have treasured). She is caring, generous, wise (so wise!), articulate and also has a wicked sense of humor. Linda makes herself accessible in the context of a thoughtfully constructed container. She has consistently taken my hand and led me down a path toward being more authentically me. While much of my outer life looks the same, my inner life has seen a huge shift. Much of the inner cage has crumbled, and I believe the outer cage is soon to follow. I came to Linda feeling completely trapped. Now I am seeing possibilities where there were none six months ago. My experience of having Linda as my coach has been nothing short of magical, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had this transformative, healing time with her. – Laura

“I gained clarity in my vision and confidence in my ability to own my truth and speak with authenticity”

Working with Linda has been a truly transformational experience. I first started following her blog several months, but there was one particular one blog post  triggered me (in a good way!) to send her an inquiry to talk. Our first call was energizing and I could tell that this was a good fit – my initial interest in working with her was driven by my need to feel confidence professionally, but as I quickly realized, all of those insecurities about my new career and business stemmed from personal challenges that have been repressed for years. Linda asks questions in a gentle way to help me recognize some habits that were causing me to stay small and stagnant, and with our bi-weekly calls, I gained clarity in my vision and confidence in my ability to own my truth and speak with authenticity, rather than ‘chameleon’ my way through life to be whoever I thought others wanted me to be. I learned I am not all to everyone, and that my business cannot and should not appeal to the masses – so I am now really excited to carve my niche and stay true to my expertise and lived experience.

I had painted myself into a corner, and I felt the weight of it subconsciously but couldn’t identify it until Linda pointed it out to me – wow, she said, that’s quite a small box you’ve put yourself in. The walls were closing in and it felt suffocating, but just identifying that was freeing. As a former teacher, rules and systems were comfortable for me – I am now breaking free from the confines of discipline and structure, which was keeping me small, trapped, and fearful. I am discovering my inner Empress and queenly energy, gradually learning to stop reacting (and start responding genuinely), and using conscious energy in conversations to see where I let my ‘little girl’ take over. It is a messy vulnerable process, and Linda helps me navigate the muddy waters and swim toward the shore of Wise Womanhood.

“Feels like a warm embrace after a long journey…”

Linda’s sweet and soulful presence radiates a sense of calm to all around her. This was true for me the first time we spoke and continues to grow with each session, workshop, and encounter I’m lucky enough to have with her. Linda is deeply rooted spiritually, thoughtful, inquisitive, wild, funny, and gracious–all things she encourages her participants to explore within themselves. She has a profound way of leading by example, and I am eternally grateful for all I’ve learned from her.

Working with Linda feels like a warm embrace after a long journey–a homecoming to all that is within. She guides her clients to uncover the truest places within themselves and supports integrating them into daily life in practical ways. Through Linda’s gentle leadings I can see that I have become a new version of myself–the best gift she could ever give.

My experiences with Linda have helped me return to the wild and free woman I was born to be. Whether through intimate meditations and conversations through coaching or letting everything go through movement and dance, every encounter I’ve had with Linda has been transformational and has come at the precise moment my heart needed it. If your intuition has led you to consider working with her, go for it! It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


“Your guidance and work the last several months has been transformative”

I’m sending a great big hug and thank you!  Your guidance and work the last several months has been transformative for me in such a positive way.  You very gently guided me through the rough, murky waters of being stuck in my little girl to a place of being the wise woman that I truly am!  I know I’m a work in progress, but it feels so darn good to be open to the movement! I can’t express my love and gratitude enough.

“I always leave our sessions feeling more connected to myself and my journey.”

Linda is an incredibly supportive guide for someone ready to venture into the dark woods, through them and emerge changed… stronger/wilder… more free. My favorite aspect of working with Linda is in our coaching sessions.  This is where Linda is completely focused on what you share and holds your journey like it was a precious newborn, perfect because it exists. She is quick to bring your strength and wisdom to your attention, as well as compassionately but honestly showing you where your limiting thoughts are holding you back. I always leave our sessions feeling more connected to myself and my journey. Coaching with Linda gave me permission to look at my life with the eyes and heart of a poet.  I came to Linda with a distinct dislike of metaphor.  I just wanted the straight facts and for people to be real with me.  While I still want people to be real with me, I now understand that we are all complex beings and asking others to be completely rational all the time is not only limiting, but unrealistic.  I’ve learned to see and appreciate the uniquely complex emotional and spiritual lives each of us is navigating.  I’ve learned that more often than not a metaphor provides more insight and depth when seeking to understand myself or another person. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to know what feels true for me. Heidi