Trying to be who you are ‘supposed’ to be is exhausting.

A wise feminine voice knows there is another way.
You have heard a whisper of her from time to time.
You’re not imagining it. That voice is getting louder.

Qoya Intentional Movement

Qoya is movement as medicine, movement with meaning.

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Wild Feminine 101

Oftentimes women feel a visceral response to the words WILD FEMININE.

It might be a yearning, an “I need that!”, a fear, or even a disgust. But who is the Wild Feminine, really? Why do we need her? And where the heck has she gone for so many modern women? Get WILD FEMININE 101, my e-book that introduces you to this sacred energy within, sent direct to your email. It also includes a list of resources to get you started on your personal journey of RECLAMATION.

Who you are:

You have spent your whole life TRYING so. damn. hard. Trying to do everything right, make everyone happy, be a good person. You recycle. Worry about the planet. Try to make conscious choices. But there always feels like there is something MORE you should be doing. And you’re tired. And if you’re honest, a little bored. You find yourself wondering, “is this IT?”

Where you want to go:

You long for more FREEDOM. Wildness. Expression. Creativity. Downright messiness. Permission to paint outside the lines. To stop worrying so much and have more fun. To remember what it feels like to be ALIVE.

How you get there:

To get there, you have to let go of what you know, what you’ve relied upon your whole life. You learn to navigate the wild unknown, where nothing fits easily into black and white little boxes. It can be scary and disorienting at first, and that is why I love guiding women like you through this new and uncharted territory.

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