Calling all muzzled, midlife women longing to live wild & free

You made some big moves because you want to live a wild and soulful life, but somehow you feel more trapped and frustrated than ever.


Wild Feminine 101

Oftentimes women feel a visceral response to the words WILD FEMININE.

It might be a yearning, an “I need that!”, a fear, or even a disgust. But who is the Wild Feminine, really? Why do we need her? And where the heck has she gone for so many modern women? Get WILD FEMININE 101, my e-book that introduces you to this sacred energy within, sent direct to your email. It also includes a list of resources to get you started on your personal journey of RECLAMATION.

Who you are:

You are a midlife woman who longs to live a wild, big, juicy, and soulful life. You’ve always felt a little bit different…perhaps from your friends or family or community. You’ve never fit in with the status quo, though for a while you tried to play pretend, but it started to kill you. So recently you made some big changes in your life – left your career, started a business, got divorced – to align more with your truth, but you still feel trapped and the belonging that you hunger for still feels out of reach. What gives?

Where you want to go:

You long for more FREEDOM. Wildness. Expression. And you also want to find your pack, people with whom you feel at home and can be yourself. In some ways, you’ve been searching for this your whole life. But as you started to approach the midlife mark, the yearning got more urgent. You can sense the wild life that you want to live, but it seems just out of reach.

How you get there:

To get there, you have to let go of what you know, what you’ve relied upon your whole life. You have to let go of playing pretend, of the Good Girl that wants nothing more than to fit in. But to let her go, you have to learn to navigate the wild unknown, where nothing fits easily into black and white little boxes. Where things are likely to feel a little uncomfortable. You have to be willing to shed the leaves that are no longer providing nourishment, stand bare for a time, only to rise into the full glory of the wise and wild woman that you are. 

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