What does it feel like to turn towards yourself and your inner life? 

To make space for what is actually true for you, without needing to immediately fix, change, or improve anything? 

To midwife the dreams that are quietly emerging and gently release the old patterns that are longing to fall away? 

To be held in the wild and soulful, compassionate and curious energy of the Wise & Wild Woman?

Maybe you don’t know what this feels like. 

Or maybe you know that you don’t experience it nearly enough.

Sadly, that is not uncommon.

Many of us lack the time and invitation to dive into these soulful spaces. They are grossly under-appreciated in our society that overvalues external action and measurable results. There are few who can meet us in this sacred space without rushing us along to some sought after end destination, rather than leisurely accompany us on the journey. 

You might even be reading this and realizing that this is true for you as well!

Perhaps you also tend to value doing over being (and potentially find simply being rather difficult) and are often so focused on end results that you miss the beautiful journey of life along the way.

This is very normal. We have grown up in this world and it is difficult to not absorb many of its beliefs and patterns, whether they are actually true to our souls and nourishing to our bodies or not. 

A Soul Diving Session is a chance to experience something different.

Something that you may have been yearning for without even knowing it. 

A space where you are not pushed or prodded (overtly or subtly).

A space where you don’t have to hold it together or caretake or please another. 

A space where we will gently invite and listen for the longings of your own wild soul that want to emerge.

**Book Your Soul Diving Session Here**

A Soul Diving Session will offer you a soft and soulful place to land for 45 minutes, where you get to feel how you feel and say what you want to say. We may also explore…

  • what old beliefs or patterns may be holding you back from the delight and meaning that you most want
  • what I hear already bursting forth from your wild heart 
  • what longings are yearning to be heard and held

A Soul Diving Session is an opportunity to listen for your own inner wisdom, and to remember the magic and meaning in your individual life and in the wild world. 

This session is offered at a discounted cost of $70 and is only available once per person for anyone who has not worked with me previously. Once booked, sessions can be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice; cancellations and refunds are not offered for Soul Diving Sessions. Please book with consciousness and care.

If, at the end of session, you realize that you want more of this in your life, we can talk about what working together would look like. No hard sales or pressure tactics; I value your sovereignty, freedom, and choice. 

**Book yours here** and let’s dive in!