Embracing the journey

The Beauty of Body Wisdom and Soul Work

2019-02-04T18:51:32-06:00February 4th, 2019|Embracing the journey|

  As I wrote about in my last post, 2018 was an intense year. It carried with it this tone of seriousness. Getting down to business. Towards the latter half of the year, as I was re-integrating more masculine energy in my life and being and business, I inadvertently also fell back into some old patterns. Black or white thinking. Pushing really hard. A lot of grasping energy. Feeling very driven, and not in a nourishing or motivating way.     It bubbled to the surface in December. As is the way of the feminine soul, it appeared to me first in dreams, and then in my body. I dreamt of being driven by my inner patriarch to a beach [...]

Are You Running Away or Moving Towards?

2018-12-12T06:59:29-06:00September 26th, 2018|Embracing the journey|

Oftentimes the wild feminine journey begins with a desire to flee, to escape, to run away. A deep-rooted and yet ambiguous sense that this isn’t it. It’s not the job that we want. Not the place we want to live or the relationship we want to be in. A feeling we can’t shake that this isn’t the person we wanted to be. This leaves us in a predicament because while we know this isn’t exactly the life we want to be living, we often don’t know what that life even looks like. We can’t make out what it is that we want to move toward, and so we feel stuck. We search high and low for that which will spark [...]

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