About Me

Woman, I see you…

You have followed the rules, done what others have expected of you (exceeded their expectations even!), put others’ happiness above your own. You know that you are a good person. Intelligent. Thoughtful. Responsible. Caring.

And yet…you cannot seem to shake the nagging feeling that something important is missing.

You’ve tried to shake it off, stuff it down, or numb it away and continue going about your daily business, but it’s not working as well as it used to.

This yearning, this unnamed feeling, this inkling that maybe there is something else out there for you is only growing more adamant.

You have started to sense her simmering beneath your skin, this piece of yourself that you have tried to keep neatly tucked away and controlled. Her presence can no longer be ignored. You can’t put her back in the box (and goodness knows, you’ve tried) and yet you also don’t know HOW TO LIVE with her. How to let her energy infuse your life in a soulfully nourishing and creative way.

I lead women out of the suburbs of their soul, deep into the heart of the forest within their being.

My name is Linda Katz and I am a wild feminine soul guide.

I spent much of my young adult life doing everything “right”. I was a pleaser and achiever extraordinaire! Straight A’s. Academic scholarship. Responsible job in corporate America. Bills always paid on time. The only outward signs that something might be amiss was my eating disorder in high school and my binge drinking thereafter.

I was driven by this desire to be liked and respected, so I made pretty much all my choices based upon what they would look like to other people.

And in the process, I lost myself.

I lost my sense of who I was and what I wanted.

It’s like I fell asleep and when I came to I woke up in a stranger’s life, acting like a version of myself that I didn’t even know, much less like.

And suddenly that wild, untamed, creative part of me that I tried so hard to control, to starve, and to numb began to peek out. And instead of ignoring her and pretending that she didn’t exist, this time I turned towards her.

Slowly. Over time.

It didn’t happen all at once. There was no burn it all down moment. It was incremental, filled with a lot of groping around in the dark, learning the hard way what felt true and what didn’t. It has been a journey of many dead ends, starts and stops, zigs and zags. I betrayed myself time and time again, in new and different ways, till I began to hear, trust, and follow my own internal compass over the thoughts, opinions, and expertise of anyone else.

Over the past several years I have been steadfastly following the breadcrumbs of my soul.

Learning to inhabit, trust, and love my body again. Owning my fullness of my being – my shadow AND my light, my strength AND my vulnerability, my depth AND my silliness. I found my own voice and the courage to speak it out loud, no longer caring as much what others will think of me.

I lead women out of the suburbs of their soul, deep into the heart of the forest within their being.

And that is what I want for you. That is why I do this work.

There is nothing I love more than seeing a woman come home to herself. Reclaiming her fullness. Her agency. Her sovereignty. Her yearning. Her love of life. Her innate creativity. Her right to take up space and have a voice.

I want you to feel FREE, alive, wild, creative, connected, amazed. Like you are in relationship with this sacred, living, breathing world that hums with life. And of course there will be days where you feel excruciatingly human, and you will welcome and celebrate those as well because that is the nature of the beast right there! All parts of you and your experience and your life are given space and honored.

And I know that it may feel like the whole world is going about their day to day lives and you wonder how it can be enough, how they are not hungry for more. Sometimes you feel hopelessly different and alone and tired of trying to fit in…so let me reassure you:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

And this journey that you are hungry and terrified to embark upon is truly not as scary as it sounds.

It does not require you to burn your life down and emerge like Daenerys Targaryen from the flames (although occasionally that does feel rather badass, let’s be real). This journey is your own; it will unfold according to your own soul’s timing and destiny. It will be as intense and meaningful and delightful and surprising as it is meant to be. Trust in that.

I lead women out of the suburbs of their soul, deep into the heart of the forest within their being.

We remove the blockages and listen for the whispers of your wild soul.

Though we search for our wild souls high and low, in books and practices and other people’s journeys, the truth is that it already lives within. It’s just that these waters have been dammed up, blocked by patterns and energies and ways of being that prevent them from flowing through and invigorating our lives. In my work, I focus on helping you to become conscious of those blockages (because to see them is to depotentiate them), and also evoke and amplify the voice of your wild soul through dance, dream work, creativity, rest, ritual, and more.

My embodied and integrated approach is unique and informed by my own journey. As a certified health coach, a Martha Beck trained life coach, certified Qoya sacred movement teacher, and lover of all things Jungian, ALL of you is welcome in this work. I have also spent many years honing the craft of soulful coaching through an apprenticeship with a WISE WOMAN extraordinaire.

My work is guided by endless curiosity for life.

I love getting to know my clients and helping them to see the magic that wants to emerge from them. I have a zest for life that infuses all of my offerings. Though we go deep, we tread lightly. With joy. With humor. With play.

The core belief of my coaching is that what you seek already lies buried within you, waiting to be uncovered. I will help you mine those far corners and out of reach places in your psyche for the GOLD that is your soul truth. As an artist, I love looking at things symbolically and as a writer, I love metaphor. We play with both amply. The wild feminine loves that shit.

Some other things you should know about me…

I regularly do YouTube karaoke by myself in front of the computer, complete with hairbrush or pen microphone. My adolescent dream of being a rockstar needs expression from time to time…

I look forward to my morning cup of coffee the night before. Let’s be clear, I don’t want coffee in the evening; I just get excited about the prospect of having it in the morning.

I love shadow work and sad movies and all things dark and mysterious (I blame it on having two planets in Scorpio). But I am really quite an optimistic, glass is half-full kind of person. When I worked the morning shift at a grocery store in high school, people frequently asked me why I was so damn cheery at 7am. That should tell you something.

Other loves of mine include music, dancing, swimming in natural bodies of water, my doggie Sophie (she is my spirit animal and soul creature), red wine, dark chocolate, good cheese. Anything creative. As long as it’s a way to express what you are feeling with beauty, power, and nuance, I am totally on board.

Love From Clients

  • Jennifer D.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Linda. She is an impactful leader, a deep listener, arrives curious, and always holds a compassionate space. Her energy is light, flowing, and accepting. You can tell that Linda is deeply connected with and dedicated to her work. I have always felt safe in sharing with her.

  • Marla S.

    Linda’s coaching is pure genius. She allows me to feel completely heard and free to be true self, unedited. She is passionate, compassionate, and deeply receptive. Her insights always leave me feeling inspired and truly joyful, I can hardly wait for my next session. I love Linda!

  • Patty W.

    I’m sending a great big hug and thank you! Your guidance and work the last several months has been transformative for me in such a positive way. You very gently guided me through the rough, murky waters of being stuck in my little girl to a place of being the wise woman that I truly am! I know I’m a work in progress, but it feels so darn good to be open to the movement! I can’t express my love and gratitude enough.

  • Sarah M.

    Working with Linda has been a truly transformational experience. Linda asks questions in a gentle way to help me recognize some habits that were causing me to stay small and stagnant, and with our bi-weekly calls, I gained clarity in my vision and confidence in my ability to own my truth and speak with authenticity, rather than 'chameleon' my way through life to be whoever I thought others wanted me to be. I learned I am not all to everyone, and that my business cannot and should not appeal to the masses - so I am now really excited to carve my niche and stay true to my expertise and lived experience.

  • Heidi T.

    Linda is an incredibly supportive guide for someone ready to venture into the dark woods, through them and emerge changed... stronger/wilder... more free.