About Me

Hi. I’m Linda…

I have spent the last decade plus of my life on a quest. A quest to find my WILD. 

The year was 2010; I had just turned 28.  I felt as if I had awoken from a slumber only to find that my life didn’t resemble at all what I thought it would. I was in a long-term relationship that had lived past its shelf life. I was working in a job that I felt zero connection to. I was living in Los Angeles, a city that felt more constrictive with every passing day. 

On the whole, it felt as if my life didn’t actually belong to me. Though I made the choices to get me where I was, I didn’t feel like they were my own.

Worst of all, I was nowhere to be found. The real me. The me that felt true and authentic. I had left her behind years before and had never even realized just how far from the core of myself I had wandered.

Thus began the first leg of my journey to discover my wild authenticity, that essential and untamed part of myself.

The first half was dominated by a hero’s journey, where I thought I had to dismantle all of the external cages that were keeping me trapped and find my wildness somewhere out there. I thought I would know it by how it looked

In the following years, I changed my whole life. I left that long-term relationship and soon thereafter met the man who would become my husband. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, changed the way that I ate, stopped drinking so much, and started doing yoga. I read book after book about other people’s stories of awakening and feminine reclamation.

I saw glimpses of a life that felt more aligned with who I truly was.

In 2014, I decided to do something that felt deliciously irresponsible and dreadfully out of character (because I had always been a very responsible girl).

I quit my job to pursue health coaching full time. I decided to leap and pray that the net would appear.

In 2015, my husband and I relocated from Los Angeles to Austin, the city that had been calling to me for years

In five years, I changed everything, all  in the name of wanting to find this life drenched in wildness, freedom, and meaning.

You can imagine my frustration and disappointment, when after living in Austin for a little while it finally dawned on me: I still didn’t feel free or particularly wild. Even though my life may have looked that way on the outside, it didn’t feel that way on the inside. 

That was when the second half of the journey began: the heroine’s journey. When there were no more external cages to escape, I had to face the cold, hard truth: there was a cage within me that I carried with me everywhere I went.

It didn’t matter where I lived or what I was doing or who I was with, the cage remained. Dismantling that inner cage became the heroine’s journey of a lifetime. 

It wouldn’t have been possible without a guide. My long-time coach and mentor, Lianne Raymond, with whom I worked every other week for three years, helped me to see and name many of the energetic patterns that kept me trapped. Basking in the soft, warm glow of her feminine wisdom and by pointing me back to what I already felt and knew, I began to remember that I too carried that wise and wild woman within me. 

It also wouldn’t have been possible without changing the relationship with my body, which had been fraught with tension (to say the least) since high school.

From an eating disorder in high school to binge drinking in college, I had used my poor, sweet body as a punching bag to help me manage or drown out uncomfortable feelings. But I didn’t know how to simply exist within my body. 

I knew that getting back into my body was key to reclaiming my wise and wild woman, but I had no idea how. I had tried yoga, but because I was unable to listen to what my body was telling me, I injured myself quite severely. I tried pole dancing to unleash my wild feminine. Though it gave my mostly-repressed rebellious side some expression, too often it still just felt as if I was putting on a show (while playing a different character). 

When I moved to Austin, I found Qoya. It’s a mix of dance, yoga, and feminine movement (everything that I loved), but  the point wasn’t to nail a certain pose or perform in any way. Instead, the point was to focus on how the movement felt to me. Inside my own body. It wasn’t about how it looked at all. Reclaiming that relationship with my body through attending weekly Qoya classes was so deeply nourishing, healing, restorative, and downright fun. (Because who said that healing has to be so darn serious all the time?)

Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement we remember that our true essence is wise, wild, and free.

Finally, dismantling that inner cage wouldn’t have been possible without letting myself off the hook. Allowing myself time to rest.

To step away from “trying” to grow my coaching practice (which had changed shape several times from when I first started health coaching) and instead reconnect with the pure love of what I was doing. I went back to working a full-time job and took all of 2020 off from externally growing my business at all. With the world shutting down and life feeling so unpredictable, it was the perfect year to go within, contemplate, and reconnect with my inner why

I spent the year going super slow. Slow in a way that I had never allowed myself before. Digesting the journey that I had been on and beginning to weave together the threads of my experience into the work that I do now. I needed that time to contemplate, to exist behind the scenes, and create the framework of the inner cage that I work with now (the dynamic of the Good Girl, the Rebel and the Tyrant King).

The journey of coming home to myself.

Over a decade into my journey of wild feminine reclamation, I can honestly say that I feel wilder and more like myself than I have in a very long time.

Yes, it is still a process and sometimes my inner Tyrant King takes over and drowns out the intuitive voice of my Wise & Wild Woman, but that happens less frequently and I notice it faster. Every day, I am learning to listen to that quiet soul voice, and every day I am finding greater trust in what I hear. Helping women to do the same is what lights my soul on fire.

I spent the last decade of my life on a quest. A quest to find my wild. I looked for it everywhere outside of myself, but now I know that it was laying dormant within me all along, waiting for me to call it back to life.

Some other things you should know about me…

I have a furry soulmate in the form of my pit bull Sophie. One day, I will write a book about her and our relationship. She is truly a magical creature. 

I love trees. Like a lot. 

I am a recovering perfectionist and straight A student. My journey now is more about softening into who I truly am, rather than trying to achieve some external benchmark of success or “bettering” myself. 

My ideal temperature is 82 degrees. 

I love to roll down all the windows in the car, blast the music, and drive with the wind whipping through my hair. 

I used to dress up like Gwen Stefani and perform No Doubt’s whole Tragic Kingdom concert in my parent’s living room. 

I hate to run, but love to dance and swim. 

I love wild places and wild creatures and yards that don’t look super manicured.

I want to experience the breadth and the depth of life, and believe that we are here to feel it all and feel it deeply. The joy and the grief, the love and the heartache, the anger and the exuberance.

Love From Clients

Rachel Helden

Linda’s sweet and soulful presence radiates a sense of calm to all around her. This was true for me the first time we spoke and continues to grow with each session, workshop, and encounter I’m lucky enough to have with her. Linda is deeply rooted spiritually, thoughtful, inquisitive, wild, funny, and gracious–all things she encourages her participants to explore within themselves. She has a profound way of leading by example, and I am eternally grateful for all I’ve learned from her. Working with Linda feels like a warm embrace after a long journey–a homecoming to all that is within. She guides her clients to uncover the truest places within themselves and supports integrating them into daily life in practical ways. […]

Jennifer D.

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda. She is an impactful leader, a deep listener, arrives curious, and always holds a compassionate space. Her energy is light, flowing, and accepting. You can tell that Linda is deeply connected with and dedicated to her work. I have always felt safe in sharing with her.

Marla S.

Linda’s coaching is pure genius. She allows me to feel completely heard and free to be true self, unedited. She is passionate, compassionate, and deeply receptive. Her insights always leave me feeling inspired and truly joyful, I can hardly wait for my next session. I love Linda!

Patty W.

I’m sending a great big hug and thank you! Your guidance and work the last several months has been transformative for me in such a positive way. You very gently guided me through the rough, murky waters of being stuck in my little girl to a place of being the wise woman that I truly am! I know I’m a work in progress, but it feels so darn good to be open to the movement! I can’t express my love and gratitude enough.

Sarah M.

Working with Linda has been a truly transformational experience. Linda asks questions in a gentle way to help me recognize some habits that were causing me to stay small and stagnant, and with our bi-weekly calls, I gained clarity in my vision and confidence in my ability to own my truth and speak with authenticity, rather than 'chameleon' my way through life to be whoever I thought others wanted me to be. I learned I am not all to everyone, and that my business cannot and should not appeal to the masses - so I am now really excited to carve my niche and stay true to my expertise and lived experience.

Heidi T.

Linda is an incredibly supportive guide for someone ready to venture into the dark woods, through them and emerge changed... stronger/wilder... more free.