On the first leg of the Homecoming journey, we make our way down off the mountain. Rather than strain to see our next summit, the next feather in our cap, the next achievement to check off our never ending list, we climb down into the valley of the soul. 

We quiet. 

We remember how to listen for and tend to the sweet matter of our bodies, exhausted from years of outer activity. Season and after season of our life spent in perpetual summer. 

We peel back the layers of patriarchal conditioning that tell us that we must sacrifice ourselves for others. 

That this is what it means to be a woman. That this is what it means to be “good”. 

We question the beliefs we inherited from a mechanical culture that say we are only worthy when we produce. 

We turn inward. We cultivate the sacred ground of an inner life. We resource ourselves. 

Our frazzled nerves are allowed to calm. Lay down the stress they have been carrying. The flight. The fight. The fawn. The freeze. We thaw ourselves out by the warming light of the fire. We find our own sacred ground. 

This journey down and in is one of filling your own cup. Unearthing your soul dreams. 

What has been left unsaid? What has been buried and is yearning to be reclaimed? What aspects of you did not find a home here in this imbalanced society that only values doing and thinking and logic and seriously heady things?

Instead we welcome all parts of you back home. 










With symbols and songs, we call forth your Wise & Wild Woman, waiting patiently within.

If you’ve been summiting mountain after mountain, and feel the pull of soul valley calling to you, check out Homecoming: The Deepening, my six-month sacred journey to come back home to yourself.