When was the last time you took a breath, paused, and really felt into and celebrated how far you’ve come? 


Our culture has a predilection towards the BIG moments. The before and after stories. The turning point, after which nothing was the same. 


We can see this in the language that we use: 


“I used to think/believe/be blah blah blah, and then…I woke up.”


There it is. The turning point. The one moment in time when you went from A to B. From asleep to awake. Like a machine, you were off and now you’re on.


I am fairly certain I have used some version of this myself, and probably not that long ago. It’s very seductive and makes for a great story.


But now I wonder how this metaphor and this way of telling stories about ourselves and our lives serves us, individually and collectively? They are most definitely steeped in the more masculine, Tyrant King-ish perception of life in that they don’t take into consideration the ongoing nature of the journey. 


What I have found is that, more often than not, it’s the small, moment-to-moment shifts and decisions that add up to something sustainable and magical over time. Changes that are often so subtle and gradual that we hardly notice them at all. It’s more a spectrum of continuation rather than a sudden rupture. 


And when we are hunting for the next big turning point, we often miss receiving and celebrating what is right under our noses. 


Some possible examples…


The conversation that you had that would have seemed impossible five years ago. 


The no that you said without offering a lengthy explanation or apology. 


The way you courageously shared your most intimate yearnings with someone you trust, without having a guarantee that they will be fulfilled. 


The way that you’re navigating these wild times with as much grace and compassion as you can muster. 


These moments are what make up our lives.


When we are so focused on only the “peak” experiences that are sprinkled in, it’s like we allow the sundae to melt while we hunt for another cherry to put on top. 


We miss the beauty and sweetness that is present in our everyday lives. We neglect to celebrate how far we’ve come and all the ways that we are truly doing a great job on this unfathomable journey. 


Because sometimes the magic is in the mundane, when we allow ourselves to slow down, feel, and receive the moment fully.