I had a conversation with a client recently about how often we only celebrate the product, not the process. It can be so easy to put all of our emphasis on achieving an external goal and completely disregard celebrating the journey. 

With that said, I would like to celebrate the journey that I have been on since first leaving my corporate job to start coaching full time eight years ago. At so many points, this journey has held surprises, twists, and turns; rarely has it looked the way that I thought it would. In fact, three years ago I went back to working a day job while continuing to grow my practice so that I wouldn’t have to bring the energy of the Tyrant King into my coaching work. Now, I am at the point of cutting down my hours to have more space, time, and energy for this sacred work and I want to honor this transition. 

But this month, rather than celebrating this external milestone, I am celebrating my devotion to this calling. I am celebrating my love and passion for what I do. I am celebrating the women I have been privileged enough to accompany on their journeys back home to themselves. I am celebrating the fact that there are few “jobs” where you leave your work feeling more energized than when you started. I am celebrating that my sacred work is deeply meaningful, both to me and my clients. 

As part of this celebration, I am offering 10 gift sessions over the next month. These are hour-long coaching sessions with no sales pitch and no strings attached. Simply an opportunity to offer this life-changing work to more women. 

Who are these gift sessions for?

This session is for the woman who is a rock for the people in her life, whether that is her family, friends, colleagues or clients (there is a high likelihood that she is in a helping or healing profession).

The purpose of these sessions is to offer strong women a soft and soulful place to land. A space to turn towards themselves and their inner lives. To be held. To feel how they feel. To RECEIVE instead of only giving all the time. 

The perfect referral will be someone who:

  • Is a coach, healer, or someone who helps others for a living and strives to always be of service
  • Feels more comfortable giving (of their time, energy, wisdom, advice) than receiving from others
  • Doesn’t feel like there are a lot of people who can hold them 
  • Is starting to feel slight burnout and resentment, but still has a really hard time saying no when someone needs their help
  • Is generally praised for being responsible and dependable, who follows through on their commitments, and can always be trusted to do a good job

She/They will likely identify with at least some of these statements:

  • I am exhausted, but if I start letting things go there is no one there to pick up the slack
  • I spend so much time tending to other people’s needs and desires that I rarely consider my own (am I even allowed to do that when the world is burning?!?)
  • If I stop trying to hold it all together and make everything happen (in my own life and in the lives of those I care about), I am afraid that things will fall apart
  • I tend to answer the question of “Who am I” by filling in all the roles I play for other people – friend, mother, wife, coach
  • I want to slow down and savor life, but I find it really difficult to quiet the running to do list in my mind
  • I get to play when all the work is done (I am still waiting for that moment, and truth be told, I have been waiting for a long time)

These sessions will likely resonate with someone who:

  • Is intrigued (and perhaps slightly horrified) by the three pillars of my coaching approach: Embodiment, Emotionality, and Imagination
  • Is open to exploring the arational – that which lies beyond the understanding of the rational mind
  • Longs for a wild, soulful, and meaningful life
  • Isn’t turned off by dream work, oracle cards, diving into their feelings or unearthing their own wisdom and intuition
  • Wants to embody their wise and wild self

The nitty gritty:

  • Each session is 1 hour and can be done over the phone or via zoom. We start the session with a 10-15 minute grounding meditation followed by 45 minutes of intuitive coaching. We follow what feels most alive in the moment. 
  • This round of sessions is open to individuals who have not done one-on-one coaching with me in the last two years 
  • I might offer an invitation or two following the session, but I will not assign homework, follow up with you, or hold you accountable (I don’t do that in any of my coaching sessions!)
  • You can book your session here. These 10 time slots are the only ones that are available for gift sessions and they are on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are gone, they’re gone! The gift sessions are limited to one per person.

When you book your session, you will be added to my weekly-ish wild woman ponderings (aka my email list), if you are not on it already. Apart from that, there are no obligations or strings attached. Really. If at the end of a session, you wish to speak about working together, we will schedule another time to do so.