My Issue with Affirmations

I am not a big fan of affirmations, y’all.   Most of the time, they just don’t do it for me. One of my biggest wounds has been around embodiment, and healing the deep rift between my mind and my body has been at the center of much of my wild feminine work. In our imbalanced masculine world, the mind is placed firmly on top of the body. This underlying belief can be seen in popular sayings like "mind over matter" and "no pain, no gain". I was in that camp for a long time, and I have seen and felt the consequences of ignoring and bullying my body (and the feelings that reside within it) into submission. Now I long to bring the [...]

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Attuning to the Wild Rhythms

Rocking My New We'Moon Calendar 2018 was my year of the sacred no. I worked on establishing and upholding boundaries with my time and energy. I learned how to pause before responding or automatically saying yes to something I would later regret. 2018 was a year of honoring my limits. 2019 was my year of the holy hell yes (you can read about its wisdom here). My sacred no led me to make way for my yes. Only saying no makes our lives smaller if we forget that its true role is to create space for new energy to come in. I learned to say yes to the opportunities that truly lit me up, even when they stretched me outside [...]

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Where Are You In Your Story?

For the past few months, I have been working on my book, but the structure of it, the bones, kept eluding me. I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart. This means I love a good structure; I feel like it can heighten the content and meaning of what is contained within it. Finally, on the last full moon, I received a download of divine inspiration. I am writing a book on the feminine cycle of transformation. The other side of the hero’s the journey. The moments in our lives where life falls away for a while so that we can access a deeper truth that lives within. I also saw for the first time how this mythical, story-based [...]

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Learnings from My Year of Yes

It has been a while since I have written; I hope this post finds you and your loved ones well. How has 2019 unfolded for you? Please feel free drop a comment below, and let me know. At the end of last year, I designated 2019 as my Year of Yes, and when viewed through the filter of that intention, it has been quite the transformational year. But in the mysterious ways of the universe, not entirely in the way that I had imagined. When I named 2019 as my Year of the Holy Hell Yes, I imagined a grand adventure. Expansion. Travel. While that was a part of it, the teachings of saying yes to life have also gone [...]

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Are You Leaving Space for New Possibilities?

I had a dream recently... The dream involved me going to a restaurant and wanting to buy this bright turquoise Adirondack chair. The chair was not technically for sale; it was just part of the restaurant’s décor. This was unlike me. To see and claim something I desired and then make moves on the spot to actually get that thing. When I was speaking to the bartender about the chair, he made a remark about my clothing, which was all black. “How long have you been in this dark phase?” he asked playfully, motioning to my outfit with a wave of his hand. “It’s not a phase, I just like black,” I answered, feeling a little miffed and defensive. Then [...]

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Redefining How I See My Feminine Lineage

The Dance Between Internal and External Freedom This is something that has been gestating within me for the last two years, since the Qoya intensive where I wrote a three-card story about connecting with my ancestors, particularly my feminine lineage. What came forward is how I saw them. The women in my family. My female ancestors. I saw them as victims. Victims of their circumstances. They were women who lacked the freedom and the agency to make the choices that I have been privileged and blessed enough to make in my own life. Where to live. Who to marry. Whether to have children. What to do for work. Of course, in many ways, this is true. I DO have significantly [...]

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Returning to the Sacred Feminine Waters

A New Moon Blessing for the women who lead us home. The return of the feminine is the return of moisture. The world of logos grows arid when it lacks the life-giving waters of eros to lend it vitality. This sense of dryness, a certain lack of suppleness and flexibility and depth is often an indicator that we have been living in the land of logos for too long. The masculine world of logic where everything makes good, reasonable sense, and yet fails to move us. too much airnot enough earth too much firenot enough water too much mindnot enough body too much spiritnot enough soul We fly up and out. Away from the earth, away from our bodies, away [...]

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Are You Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

I was flipping through The Way of Woman by Helen Luke looking for something completely different, when this quote jumped out at me: “…to reveal ourselves, our thoughts and feelings to someone who does not understand our basic values is not only pointless – it exposes us to invasion by superficial attitudes and literally corrupts or steals away our energy, dissipating it, or imprisoning it, so that we have nothing left to give to the true relationship.” – Helen Luke I found myself whispering that inner “yes!” that happens when we discover something that resonates as truth within us. I like to call this phenomenon Barking Up the Wrong Tree.  By that, I mean continuously approaching people that you know [...]

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Beauty-Making Isn’t Always Pretty

How Pleasing Is Stifling Your Creativity “…The woman who is virgin, one-in-herself, does what she does – not because of any desire to please, not to be liked, or to be approved, even by herself; not to gain power over another, to catch his interest or love, but because what she does is true.” – Esther Harding from Woman’s Mysteries Sometimes things take time to fully land. Like a rose, they require time to open and reveal their deeper layers. I had such an experience recently; I suddenly realized that my self-expression doesn’t need to please anyone. The monumental part was seeing how, like the quote above, it doesn’t even need to please me. Long ago I had bought into [...]

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Redefining Confidence

Why do so many intelligent, heart-centered women lack confidence?  Confidence and Competence... My business mentor shared this article a few weeks back and since then I have told COUNTLESS people about it. A major part of the journey to embodying our inner Wise and Wild Woman is finding our voice, AND embodying the confidence to share that voice with the world. That voice might be your unique creative expression (the theme of this month’s Soul Tending Letter, sign up here to receive it in your inbox), or showing up in your sacred work in a way that bucks societal trends and expectations, or it might simply be speaking your truth to those near and dear to you. Confidence is important. [...]

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