You Can’t Read Your Way to the Wild Feminine

Uncage The Wildness Within:

A quarterly, online series for the women who couldn’t find the soulful and experiential journey to reclaiming their wild feminine in the pages of a book or through a personal development program.

Dethrone The Tyrant King. Dismantle The Inner Cage. Descend, Unearth And Reclaim The Wise & Wild Woman.

Hello you gorgeous soul,

Wild. Soulful. Free. 

You long for this kind of life. Women Who Run With The Wolves. The Heroine’s Journey. A Mary Oliver poem. That kind of life. 

Oh, you’ve read all the books. 

Gone to the workshops. 

You’ve moved across the country. Ended relationships. Made a few reckless decisions to escape that feeling of entrapment. And you feel no closer than you were. 

You look up and realize you’ve only been going in circles and are so utterly deflated that somehow the same damn dynamics continue to haunt you. 

You keep coming up empty handed. That kind of outrageous and wonderful life remains elusive (even fugitive). 

What do you have to show for all the effort? Not much. You’re just older, more jaded and more tired. You can sense you’re trapped, and you desperately want out before you die, but you can’t see the cage. 

Why does it remain out of reach?

What more will it take to feel free?

You are so hungry for a wild, big, juicy, and creative life.

For a while, you were ‘good’ and did everything you were “supposed” to do (eg. got a sweet corporate job, got married, bought a house, etc.) but it led to a life that felt dry, flat, and not like your own. 

But then even when you were ‘bad’ and rebelled against what you were supposed to do (e.g. left your sweet corporate gig, started your own business, moved into the wilderness, etc.) you still didn’t feel the wildness and freedom that you most longed for.

The Good Girl couldn’t get the job done. Neither could the Rebel.

You don’t know why.

And you’re beginning to wonder if you will ever really feel that wildness that calls to you, as you pace the perimeter of this cage that you can’t even see.

Hello, my name is Linda.

My work is about helping you to dethrone the Tyrant King, dismantle the inner cage and free the Wise & WIld Woman who you know is trapped within you.

Here’s what I believe: The soulful and experiential journey to reclaiming your wild feminine soul will never be found in a book. Reading your way to wildness hasn’t worked. Thinking and analyzing won’t do it, either. You do it by dancing, creating, dreaming, and resting.

You might be thinking… “Wait. What? Dancing? In front of people? Creating art and sharing it? Hell no. I am not cut out for this. Just give me some essays to read.”

I hear you. I’ll come to that very soon.

For the past decade, I have been on a quest to reclaim my wild. It started when I was 27; I looked around and realized that the life that I had did not feel like my own, like it didn’t belong to me and I didn’t belong to it. Everything felt like a cage that was keeping me trapped: my relationship, my job, even the city I was in. 

This is because back then, I defined wildness as something that lived outside of me that I was meant to attain. It was an opposing force to my known life of cities and structures and modern constraints. I knew wildness by the way that it looked. Frolicking through fields, swimming in mountain lakes, loose organic clothing, pictures of me doing yoga on the beach.  

So, for five years, I went on the hero’s journey and broke free of all of those external cages in search of this image of wildness that I had imagined. I left that relationship, met my husband, quit my corporate gig to start coaching full-time, moved from Los Angeles to Austin, made new friends, and picked up new hobbies and interests that were supposed to feel wild and authentic. 

You can imagine my disappointment when, at the end of that five years, I still didn’t feel the way that I thought I would. I had changed my whole damn life!! What else would it take?! I began to wonder whether perhaps I would never find that sense of wildness and meaning and creativity that I so longed for. 

As I look back, I can see…

Five Reasons Why My Previous Attempts At Freedom Failed

Reason #1: I defined wildness by how it looked, not by how it felt.

For years, I chased this image of what a wild life was supposed to look like. I was part of the Instagram generation where everything has a certain aesthetic. What I didn’t realize is that by focusing on the ‘look’ and ‘aesthetic’ of wildness, I was further solidifying the very same cage that I was trying to escape. 

My life was still a performance, and I was still playing a role of who I thought I should be and how I ought to show up. Where I once repressed my intuition and flow, this time I jettisoned my more masculine qualities like logic and structure. I portrayed myself as more serious than I truly am and hid away my silliness. And in an effort to be more “spiritual”, I tucked my practical nature away. Because I struggled to integrate these different aspects of myself, there was never room for all of me, and therefore I could never feel the wildness I longed for. 

How I define wildness now has nothing to do with how someone or their life appears on the outside. It’s an inside job. It’s a feeling. Like sovereignty, wildness simply is. It is our natural state. It has integrity. It is the integrated totality of who we are. We just cover it up with learned behaviors, beliefs and ways of being, and become blind to it. 

And so wildness is not something we perform or create. It is something we uncover. How do we know where to dig? By the scent wildness gives off. There’s no map other than the feelings in our own bodies.

Reason #2: I was on the hero’s journey, not the heroine’s journey.

On the hero’s journey, we go on external adventures. We scale the mountains and flee all the cages out there, in an attempt to find ourselves. We leave behind the known and fling ourselves into the unknown. “Leap and the net will appear” was my motto during those first five years. 

But here’s the thing: I never found what I was looking for out there on the hero’s journey, because what I was looking for was myself. My wild, free, authentic self who could live in connection with the world without getting lost. 

If that is what you have been seeking, looking for it high and low like treasure strewn across the world, let me share with you what I have learned. The treasure you seek isn’t hidden out there; it is buried within you. It is hidden underneath the layers of pleasing and perfectionism, performance and persona. That is why you must embark on the heroine’s descent to claim what you are longing for.   

The heroine’s descent is really when my journey began in earnest. 

Because there was one cage I had not been able to escape, and that was the cage that lived within me. It was the cage that had me sacrifice my own desires in order to please others. It had me very concerned about what other people thought of me. It painted life in stark, black or white absolutes, where I was either right or wrong, good or bad. It was the cage that kept me divided from myself, and buried my wildness along with all the other feelings and attributes that were not wanted.

Reason #3: I was still being driven by my inner Tyrant King (without knowing it). 

I think of The Tyrant King as the dysfunctional, masculine consciousness that we inherit from culture. It is a mindset, a worldview, that divides everything into stark either/or categories. The Tyrant King’s methodology is to divide and conquer; differentiation invariably leads to domination. You can be good or bad, right or wrong, strong or soft, choose yourself or choose others, you care too much what other people think or don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else. The Tyrant King splits our feminine energy into light and dark, good and bad, what I call the energies of the Good Girl and the Rebel. (I have a lot more to say about the Tyrant King, but hopefully this conveys the basics.)

Even when I changed everything in my life, my inner Tyrant King still told me what I should and should not do, what my life should and should not look like on the outside. So the outsides changed, but the inside stayed the same. I was still driven by this inner voice who issued directives, kept me on the path of incessant productivity, and saw life in stark absolutes of good vs bad, right vs wrong. 

I was still disconnected from my body. I was still performing my life, though the character I was playing and the audience I was entertaining had changed. This is the cage of what I call the Good Girl, the Rebel and the Tyrant King that I had to dismantle to free my wild feminine soul who was buried deep in the recesses of my body. 

And so I devoured book after book about the wild feminine hoping I could find that freedom I was seeking. I read Women Who Run with the Wolves, Reveal, Sacred Pleasure, Shakti Woman, Red Hot and Holy, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, and the Heroine’s Journey. 

Then I devoured the work of female Jungians like Marion Woodman, Mary Esther Harding, and Helen Luke. Many of these books are fantastic and provided me with much-needed context for my journey (they still line my bookshelves today and I refer to them frequently), but they could never be a substitute for the journey itself, and that is because…

Reason #4: I was trying to ‘think’ my way out of the cage. 

Listen, I love to read. As you can see, I have read a lot of books on this subject, so if reading your way there was possible, I would know. But reading about other people’s journeys and experiences is never a substitute for having our own. 

As the old saying goes, “The easiest way to avoid meditation – reading books about meditation.”

Believing that you can think and study your way out of the cage is just another part of the cage. 

You can’t think or mentally learn your way out of the cage. For us who are quite “heady”, it can be tempting to want to learn everything we can about the Good Girl and the Rebel and the Tyrant King. To see how these patterns have shaped our lives and experiences and behaviors. It’s needed and beneficial. But the temptation is often to stay here, safely in the world of the mind that is disconnected from body and soul and analyze ourselves to death. 

That will never get us where we want to go; we need to go down and in; into the body. Into the earth. We need to unearth, embody, and express the consciousness of the feminine, of the goddess, of the Wise & Wild Woman, for it is only she who can dethrone the Tyrant King. 

To shift the consciousness of the Tyrant King is nothing short of life changing. And it is not enough to spend time with our heads deep in personal development and self-help books, or read about the journeys of others; we must undertake our own wild feminine descent to reclaim the goddess that lays buried within our bodies and souls. 

In 2015, I began my Heroine’s Descent and instead of looking outside of myself for answers, I began to dig into the wild earth within. This is when everything began to change.

Reason #5: I was trying to go at it alone.

For 5 years, I tried to take this journey alone. Or at least, alone-ish. I read books. I took random classes and courses. But I lacked a mentor who could hold the energy of the conscious feminine and guide me into the unknown terrain. And I lacked a community that was curious about and devoted to this process of blossoming into more of who we truly are.

What I have learned is that this is not a journey that we can undertake by ourselves. 

When we are trapped in the cage of the Tyrant King, the Good Girl, and the Rebel, that is all we know. These are the only options we can see. We spin our wheels swinging from compliance to defiance and call that progress and growth. We need someone who has embodied the energy of the Wise & Wild Woman, who can guide us to this place within ourselves. 

Someone who, in the words of Marion Woodman, is able to hold the tension of the opposites long enough to allow a third, more true option to appear. My longtime mentor Lianne Raymond was just that. With compassion and love, she was able to guide me to be in relationship with all parts of myself. To dig for the truth with gentleness and curiosity. Without her, I don’t know if I would be where I am today. She allowed me to not only understand the conscious feminine intellectually, but more importantly to experience how it felt to be held in that presence.

Whether it’s myself or someone else, I urge you to find a mentor you resonate with to guide you home to your inherent Wise & Wild Woman.

The Four Paths To Your Wild Life: Dancing, Creating, Dreaming and Resting.

“Why these four?” you might ask. Because each one offers a gentle and joyous way of transmuting the old consciousness of the Tyrant King. Each one belongs in the realm of the Goddess, of the Wise & Wild Woman. Each one gently guides a woman to come back home to herself. 

I know you might be saying, but I am not an artist, I can’t dance, my dreams are wacky and make no sense and half the time I don’t even remember them, and I don’t have time for rest.

I hear you. It’s scary and it’s vulnerable and you’re afraid of looking silly or doing it “wrong” or being “bad” at it. 

But I am also here to tell you that this fear is the very cage that you long to escape

That fear is the voice of the Good Girl within you who longs to excel and achieve, who is being driven by her inner tyrant, and is deeply concerned with how other people perceive her. This energy within you is why, despite longing for a rich and creative life, you continue to paint inside the lines. 

This is why, despite taking what appeared to be big risks on the outside, somewhere deep inside you know you’ve really been playing it safe. You have taken the risks of the hero’s journey: risking the external forms of security, be it leaving your career, a long-term relationship, or a place that you have lived for much of your life. Now, let me be clear; these are big risks and they take tremendous courage. 

And, there are other, smaller and quieter risks that take equally as much, if not more, courage. These are the internal risks. The risk of revealing your true self to another in relationship, in your business, and even to yourself. Our fear of revealing our fullness is part of the cage that we must dismantle, starting within ourselves.

Otherwise, the wildness you seek will remain out of reach while the Tyrant King sits happily on his throne, categorizing your expression, your body, your voice, and your truth into rigid, judgmental buckets of “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong” that keep you cut off from yourself.

Path #1: Dancing

The Tyrant King dominates by keeping you split off from yourself. One of the first cuts made is that between mind and body. The Tyrant King believes that our bodies are nothing more than inert matter to be judged, controlled, and acted upon by our minds. We seek to sculpt them into images of who we believe they “should” be. But through the power of dance and movement you begin to heal this split by climbing back down into your body, by bringing the light of consciousness into matter.

For the gross majority of my adult and young adult life, my head was completely cut off from my body. 

On a bad day, my poor body ended up like a punching bag that was starved or stuffed full of alcohol to numb uncomfortable feelings. On a good day, I judged that my body looked acceptable (analyzing it like some kind of objective observer). I didn’t know what it meant to exist within my body because I was always worried about how I looked to other people. I wanted so badly to control how other people perceived me.

When I found Qoya in 2015, there was something powerful about the constant reminder that it didn’t matter what my dance looked like to anyone else, what mattered is how it felt in my own body. I had never even asked that question before. Does this feel good to me? Does this feel true for me? 

I learned to slow down and feel from the inside out. As I came home to my body, I slowly began to move my locus of validation from out there to in here

Many of our ancestors knew what we have forgotten in modern times: that to dance is to bring to life all that has laid dormant in your heart. Dance brings us down from the absolutes of the mind and into the nuanced wisdom of the body. This is not the type of dance that is performative or rated on a scale from bad to good; this is dance as a way to come home to our bodies and give space for our authentic feelings. In this six-week session we will explore the different ways that we can relate to dance both individually and collectively, working with Qoya-inspired movement:

Dance as prayer

Dance as medicine

Dance as a portal to soul

Dance as embodied storytelling and expression

Dance as celebration

Dance as offering

In this session, you will learn how to invite in sacred space to help hold a conscious container, create your own soul dance practice, and shed old vestiges of the Tyrant King that keep you separate from and distrusting of your body.

The Dancing Wild features an opening and closing ceremony, and a live weekly movement ritual and conversation circle (meeting online via Zoom) exploring each facet of a soulful dance practice. Journaling questions will also be provided to deepen your exploration.

Path #2: Creating

The language and worldview of the Tyrant King permeates our creative endeavors. We can only speak to what we like or don’t like, whether we think something is good or not good. This can leave us trapped in the cycle of needing praise or fearing criticism, or at worst, not creating at all. Beyond that, images belong in the realm of the wild feminine soul. They existed before the written word and were ancient ways of praising the sacred. By reclaiming our ability to create soulful images, we find new ways of relating to ourselves, to one another, to our creations, and our world.

Much like with dance, the world of art and drawing has been co-opted by the Tyrant King. Though nearly all of us love to dance and draw as children, we are slowly taught whether this is something we are “good” at or not. This can destroy the meaning and soul connection that we feel with these wildly feminine practices, and leave traces of wounding that keep us away from that which might provide soul sustenance later in life. 

As an art major in college, so much of my art practice was relegated into buckets of what I was “supposed” to focus on in my work, whether the work itself was good enough or not, and whether my teachers found the work conceptual or critical enough. It stripped the joy of creating away from me for quite a time, as I was unable to find my own creative impulse apart from those external voices. But art and drawing belong in the realm of the goddess, of the wild and unruly feminine, where images can hold multiple energies and meanings simultaneously. Art invites us out of our linear thinking. 

In the Expressive Wild, we will move from productivity to creativity, exploring what it feels like to create simply for the joy and exploration that it brings with it. We will reclaim our natural role as creators, giving ourselves time for joy, play, and unleashed creativity. This session consists of weekly instructional and invitational videos that will introduce a new type of drawing and a metaphorical way of relating to art, as well as a weekly circle to share our work, view others’ work in a supportive and loving environment, and share what came up for us in the process. Examples of the types of drawing include contour line drawing (slowing down and deepening how we see the world around us), charcoal drawing (exploring the beauty that comes with the contrast of light and dark), and nature art to delve into creating beauty from what is.

Path #3: Dreaming

The Tyrant King is extremely literal and logical. When we forget the soul language of symbolism, our lives become flat and dry. Working and playing with your dreams is key in reclaiming your soul’s language, your mother tongue, and your unique images that guide your life. This will help you move from the reactive space of the Good Girl and the Rebel into the creative space of the Wise & Wild Woman, who lives in sacred communion with the world.

Reclaiming my symbolic soul language was central to dismantling the inner cage. 

I have always been a creative person, but that wild creativity had been buried underneath the need to be practical and literal. Through soulful practices like working with my dreams, I began to reclaim an older language of symbolism. By paying attention to my own symbols, becoming curious about them, and asking them for their wisdom, I began to know myself on a new level. I also felt more guided in my life, pulled towards my destiny, rather than frantically searching for it outside of myself.

My dreaming practice has been one of the richest and most powerful ways that I have reconnected with my own wild feminine soul wisdom. In the world of the Tyrant King, the logical, solar consciousness reigns supreme. In this six week course we will begin to unearth our ancient, sacred lunar consciousness by deepening our relationship with our dreams. 

Dreams can be hard for our modern thinkers to understand, because they speak in the symbolic language of soul, our mother tongue that we have sadly forgotten. But it still lives buried within each and every one of us. 

In the Dreaming Wild, I will share my best practices for working with dreams, including reclaiming symbolic seeing, meeting your shadow in your dreams, and following where the energy wants to go in your waking life. Each week, we will explore a different facet of our dreams, and in our weekly circle, we will share our dreams to see what collective themes emerge.

Path 4: Resting

In the world of the Tyrant King, productivity reigns supreme. When there is time for rest (whether physical or otherwise), it needs to be justified by saying that it will make us more productive (as if we need an excuse to rest). In so many ways, our wild feminine energy has remained trapped in service to the tyrannical masculine. By reclaiming rest for its own sake, we break the spell the Tyrant King has placed on us where we believe we must constantly prove our worth through productivity. 

For much of my life, I was driven hard by my inner Tyrant King, and I was rewarded for it. I was seen as efficient, productive, and smart. I believed that I had to earn my worth, and I would do so again and again…and again. I wanted to excel and achieve, but I never stopped to question who I was achieving for. 

As part of this journey, I had to recognize the stellar “A” student within me, honor all that she had done for me, and also begin to grapple with what I had missed out on, what I had sacrificed, on my path of achievement. I had to learn to let go of always doing, always being productive, so that I could reclaim the slower, more ambling, open, and curious pace of my wild soul. 

The Tyrant King does not value the wisdom of winter. Of the valley. Of the times where we are asked to slow down and go within. In the Soulful Wild we will explore some of my favorite practices for aligning with the glory of this season, where the trees pull their energy back into their roots. Where life looks dead and dormant on the outside, laying in wait to be danced back to life come spring. 

This session you will give yourself a big permission slip to let go of the constant productivity, exploring how those beliefs intertwine with your concept of self-worth, and sink into the rhythm of nature. In our sharing circles, you are encouraged to come in your pajamas with a comfy blanket wrapped around you, and support one another in disentangling yourself from the culture of constant hustle and fully embodying your enoughness, just as you are.

Through contemplative practices like guided journaling, daily rest, time in nature, working with oracle cards, and poetry you will find the quiet soul voice that lives deep within, beneath the hum of daily life and the demands of your inner Tyrant King.

Introducing Uncage The Wildness Within:

Uncage the Wildness Within will free the Wise & Wild Woman that is buried in your bones through experiential and embodied learning. 

This year-long group program consists of four, themed six-week sessions, each reclaiming a different aspect of the consciousness of the Wise & Wild Woman and each aligned with the energy of that particular season. 

During each quarter, you will walk along one of the four paths (Dancing, Creating, Dreaming and Resting).

We dance to awaken our bodies as we also celebrate the awakening of Mother Earth in Spring. As the flowers come into full bloom, we explore our own role as creators and beauty makers in Summer. Then, as we turn towards the darker half of the year, we begin to turn inwards to reclaim our own soul’s images. Finally, in the depth of winter, rather than succumb to the frenzy of sworn New Years pledges, we dig down and in, and allow ourselves to rest and gestate.

In each season, will dive inward on the heroine’s descent to reclaim the feminine soul practices that bring you back home to yourself and uncage the inherent wildness that has lived within you all along. 

Uncage the Wildness Within is an online series of four six-week group sessions where you will get to experience and play with the Wise & Wild Woman within. 

The Four Seasons Of Uncage The Wildness Within Dates:

(Six-week Group Sessions Held in 2022 – Dates Coming Soon!)

The Dancing Wild

The Expressive Wild (Creativity)

The Dreaming Wild

The Slow & Soulful Wild (Rest)

The Ten Things Each Of The Quarterly Sessions Will Include:

#1 – Weekly Calls: Each week, for six weeks, you’ll get to join a 75 to 90-minute Zoom call. The weekly calls will take place on Saturdays from 11am – 12:30pm CST. The subject of the weekly calls will weave into the subject of that particular session. For example, in the Dancing Wild, our weekly calls will consist of 30-40 minutes of Qoya-inspired movement followed by a sharing circle. For the Creative Wild, you will have an opportunity to share your creation from that week and learn to utilize the language of curiosity when approaching your own and another’s work, breaking down the desire for praise and the fear of criticism instilled by your Tyrant King. These calls are the meat of the work, where you will be able to practice revealing yourself in a loving community and break through the fears of your Good Girl. Being able to attend these calls live is crucial to getting the most out of this program.

#2 – Weekly Intro Videos: Introducing our topic for that week and providing meaning and context for what we will be exploring. 

#3 – Daily Journal Prompt Through Each Season: to help you deepen into your practice and explore potential areas where you can shed the consciousness of the Tyrant King.

#4 – An Opening And Closing Ceremony Via Zoom: Together, we will invite in and close the sacred space for the energy of the session. The opening and closing ceremonies are ways to open up the portal to the soulful realms we will be meandering through. 

#5 – Ritual suggestions: Each quarter you will get one or more suggestions as a group of rituals you can do to anchor in the themes of that session. Ritual is a beautiful way to integrate the wisdom and learnings of this program, and to deepen your individual connection to your wild feminine soul. 

#6 – A Community Forum / Facebook group: connect with the other women in the program and share your creations, new songs you have discovered for movement rituals, or your favorite soulful rest practices. This is a way to support and celebrate one another on the journey.  

#7 – Weekly Email Access To Me: throughout the entire year-long program you’ll be able to email me once weekly to ask questions or share discoveries.

#8 – A Qoya-Inspired Class Between Each Session: These will continue to deepen into the process. Qoya is a movement practice based upon the idea that through movement we remember our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free. Wise from the wisdom traditions of yoga, Wild from the creative expression inherent in dance, and free for the freedom to be able to feel good in our bodies via sensual movement.

#9 – First Access to Wild Woman One-On-One Coaching Sessions: At the rate of $125/session  

#10 – Workshop Discount: Access to all my workshops throughout the year at a discounted rate of 33% off (not available for any workshops that are co-hosted).

Through this program, you will…

  • Feel more alive: feel what it means to experience life in and through your glorious, sensual body, rather than judging and analyzing how your body looks, as if you don’t exist within it (this will make you question everything you have been taught about what it means to be a woman).
  • Enjoy a richer life: find that your life – exactly how it is right now – will take on added richness, meaning, and dimension.
  • Find your wildness: find the wild that you have been frantically searching for across the oceans blue and snow-capped mountain tops already exists within you; it is a way of being with yourself and relating to the world. It is the freedom and wholeness that comes from belonging both to yourself and the world fully.
  • Create community: benefit from a community of other women who are exploring how to reclaim their bodies, their sense of play and wild creativity, their sacred dreaming, and their soul time.

Uncage the Wildness Within Is A Great Fit For You If You:

  • long for a big, juicy, wild and creative life – a life that feels like dancing under the night sky, storytelling around a fire, writing in a cabin, big colorful canvases, swimming in a warm ocean or cold mountain lake, belly laughter – but it seems to be chronically out of reach or like it is only available to people with fewer responsibilities and constraints
  • know that you are a creative person, but constantly feel like you are holding yourself back in some way
  • are ready to put down the personal development books and learn via embodied experience
  • struggle with pleasing, achieving, and perfectionism
  • know that you are a creative person, but constantly feel like you are holding yourself back in some way
  • long for more play, joy, and fun in your life
  • want the wilderness, but feel trapped at the zoo
  • are interested in the dance between masculine and feminine energies
  • are longing for a community of women to explore these themes with
  • are willing to be with the darker sides of life and believe that all feelings are valid and necessary
  • believe that we have gotten to the end of the line with our current patriarchal culture, and believe there must be another way to live

This Program is Not for You If:

  • You are not willing to commit to showing up live to the classes and circles
  • The sacred feminine or the Goddess freaks you out
  • You prefer to stay where everything is light and sunny and full of rainbows all the time, and you are not comfortable or willing to dance with what might be uncomfortable
  • You don’t see the value of the soul practices described above
  • The words masculine and feminine turn you off completely
  • You have dogmatic views that you are not opening to questioning or shifting

But Isn’t What You’re Offering A Personal Development Course Too?

This isn’t another personal development course, not really. Personal development often tries to make us better; an improved version of ourselves. “Good.” We learn hacks to optimize our bodies, our brains, and our lives.

Personal development will teach you how to change your behavior, your habits, and your mindset to achieve an external goal. 

Personal development is like an acorn trying to become a bigger and better acorn.

And that is not what this is about. 

This work is about descending and engaging in an instinctive unearthing and reclamation of the soulful feminine. It doesn’t want to make you better; it seeks to free a more true version of who you already are.

This work is about the acorn allowing itself to crack, to die to its old form, and sending its roots down into the soil to become an oak tree. 

What we are approaching and tending to in this work together (and there will be work) is so much older than what we call the “personal growth industry” (which is barely over a hundred years old). What we will be exploring is the deepening of our humanity, not simply learning to cope with and manage it. What we will be doing has more to do with reclaiming the ways of your ancestors than using some new personal growth phone app. 

And… development and growth for what? So much of this industry seems hell bent on being ‘better’ and ‘playing bigger’ for its own sake.

Personal development can feed your mind but it often starves your soul.

In that way, it continues to serve the very tyrant that you long to dismantle. The source of our power comes from our souls. Therefore the Tyrant King must keep us fractured and separate from our soul. 

It’s a strange thing to realize that much of the personal growth industry could be just another weapon in the Tyrant King’s arsenal.

I know how it feels to crave a sense of mystery and meaning, and have that life remain elusive regardless of how many big life changes you make. 

It is so frustrating. 

And confusing. 

And heartbreaking. 

And disappointing. 

And so, instead of focusing on thinking, achieving, over-literalizing and producing we focus on dancing, creating, dreaming and resting.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full year of Uncage the Wildness within is offered for $1,600. 

That includes all four six-week sessions (valued at $450), each one with 8 group circles/offerings led by Linda, plus journaling prompts, educational videos, suggested rituals and more. 

You will also receive a bonus Qoya-inspired class in the weeks between sessions to continue to deepen your personal practices and to connect in an intentional community (a $100 value), seasonal moon circles and virtual gatherings (co-led by fellow wild women), a community forum/Facebook group, and email access to me for questions and noticings, as well as reduced rates for other workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

A Whole Year? That’s A Big Commitment!

I know that signing up for a year-long commitment can seem intimidating, especially in our modern world. 

But that is part of the magic. 

When we commit to our own wild feminine journey, we tell our souls that we are devoted to unearthing and listening to their wisdom. 

But let’s say you take the Dancing Wild in the Spring and for whatever reason, you don’t want to continue (maybe it doesn’t resonate, maybe circumstances in your life change, etc.), I will refund you for the remaining unused portion of the program (minus the original $450 value of the free-standing program). Any additional circles or classes you attend in the time prior to your cancellation will be on me. 

Are you ready to Uncage the Wildness Within? Will 2022 be the year that you finally find that elusive feeling that you have been longing for? The applications for Uncage the Wildness Within open February 2022. (The application process will be followed by a call to ensure that this is a good fit!)

Applications Open February 2022



P.S. If you are a woman who hungers for a life that feels authentic and creative and juicy, that is rooted in body, nature and soul (and you have been searching high and low for this life), this program is for you. 

If you have been pouring through books, looking for wildness in other’s journeys, this program is for you. 

If you know in your heart that you are a creative woman who has some big work and offerings buried deep within you, but you continuously edit and hold yourself back, this program is for you. 

If you know you struggle with pleasing, achieving, and perfectionism, this program is for you. 

Uncage the Wildness Within honors that indigenous soul place that exists within each and every one of us. So often it has been covered, paved over, or left untended that we forget about its very existence. 

But it is the key to everything that we long for.