Oftentimes the wild feminine journey begins with a desire to flee, to escape, to run away. A deep-rooted and yet ambiguous sense that this isn’t it.

It’s not the job that we want. Not the place we want to live or the relationship we want to be in.

A feeling we can’t shake that this isn’t the person we wanted to be.

This leaves us in a predicament because while we know this isn’t exactly the life we want to be living, we often don’t know what that life even looks like. We can’t make out what it is that we want to move toward, and so we feel stuck.

We search high and low for that which will spark our soul fire once again. We may get a fleeting taste of it here and there, but we can’t seem to grab hold of it long enough for it to solidify into something tangible.  

Of course the reason we can’t grab hold of it is because our hands are already full – full of responsibilities, to do lists, people to take care of, projects to manage – yet we are terrified to let anything go.

What we really want, deep down, is for life to make us a guarantee.

A guarantee that if we lay down some of what we have been carrying, if we shed our old skin, that there is something worthwhile waiting for us on the other side. Something better. We want to see proof of it!

But that’s not how it works.

So while waiting for that elusive sense of certainty, we get stuck straddling the threshold…afraid to step fully into the unknown of who and what we are meant to become, and also unable to feel content with where we are now.

And I know from experience that this is a painful and frustrating place to find yourself.

The wild feminine journey, this sacred reclamation of your wholeness, requires tremendous trust.

It asks that you let go not only of that which doesn’t resonate in your external life, but more importantly, it demands that you release those internal patterns of behavior and ways of being that don’t truly belong to you. The ones that you learned, that are adapted, created, and crafted.

They may once have helped you to survive – to fit in, to please, to achieve – but now they have become like armoring that you have outgrown. The protection they offer comes at the steep price of keeping you small and caged in.

We cannot straddle this threshold and move forward simultaneously. While we dance between these two spaces, while we remain unwilling to let the old fall away, the new will not fully reveal itself.

We have to leave our old notions of such safety and certainty behind; this journey requires risk-taking. A stepping into the unknown.

For many of us who find ourselves in this place, the old version of who we are was overly concerned with other people. How our actions looked to them. What they expected of us. Who they wanted and needed us to be.


We crafted our persona and sense of self around this nexus of external validation.

And while that persona served us in some ways, it also prevented us from diving inward to discover the essence of who we truly are and bring HER forward.

So naturally, there will be a time when we solely know what it is that we are moving away from. Because we don’t actually know ourselves!

We need find the truth of our being before what we are moving toward can be revealed.

And I am not going to lie, in our goal-oriented society this seeming “lack of direction” can be wildly uncomfortable. We feel malleable. Unformed. Entirely in the dark.

But this is not a place to fear, for it is the darkness of the womb.

And it is a place that each of us must enter and explore before we can experience our own rebirth.

Before we can rise fully into the women that we were always meant to become.

This is a taste of the sacred nine-month journey that we will undertake in Reclaim Your Wild Feminine. A journey to unearth your wild authenticity – who you are, what you value, what you stand for – and the courage to EMBODY that woman in your life.

It is a journey of true reclamation and remembering, as in re-membering. Putting yourself back together as the whole woman that you are. Shed the false persona that no longer serves you, come home to the sacred wisdom of your body, find the truth of your experience, learn to be with and express ALL your feelings in a nourishing way, and rise fully rooted in who you are. To learn more about this powerful and sacred container of transformation, this ancient rite of passage, visit my website.