Linda is an incredibly supportive guide for someone ready to venture into the dark woods, through them and emerge changed… stronger/wilder… more free.

My favorite aspect of working with Linda is in our coaching sessions.  This is where Linda is completely focused on what you share and holds your journey like it was a precious newborn, perfect because it exists. She is quick to bring your strength and wisdom to your attention, as well as compassionately but honestly showing you where your limiting thoughts are holding you back. I always leave our sessions feeling more connected to myself and my journey.

Coaching with Linda gave me permission to look at my life with the eyes and heart of a poet.  I came to Linda with a distinct dislike of metaphor.  I just wanted the straight facts and for people to be real with me.  While I still want people to be real with me, I now understand that we are all complex beings and asking others to be completely rational all the time is not only limiting, but unrealistic.  I’ve learned to see and appreciate the uniquely complex emotional and spiritual lives each of us is navigating.  I’ve learned that more often than not a metaphor provides more insight and depth when seeking to understand myself or another person. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to know what feels true for me.