We use control as a way to protect against vulnerability, not realizing that in doing so we are rejecting life. We approach the great mystery not as something to be awed by, or to dance with, but something to categorize and label and manage.

We believe that by making it known, by pinning it down, we can wrap our heads around it. That then, finally, we will be able to relax. We will have the concrete answers that we have been seeking.

But there are things in life we aren’t meant to fully wrap our heads around or be able to grasp. Things that are so big and so mysterious that they are utterly beyond our comprehension.

Those are the places where the magic resides.

The imaginal realm. The birthplace of art and poetry and dreams.

In an effort to mitigate our anxiety, we squeeze all the juice out of life by striving to put everything within our control. Holding more and more in our ever-tightening grasp. Constraining life’s most meaningful questions by reducing them to concrete answers.

Then we wonder why we feel increasingly dry and brittle and bound. Why life feels flat and one-dimensional. Why that end destination we are desperately seeking remains so elusive.

To embrace the wild feminine is to say yes to dancing with the unknown. It is a journey of opening to transformation without guarantee of the outcome or knowing all the steps ahead of time. It is an ecstatic, and sometimes excruciating, reclamation of life.

As we welcome these dark winter months in the northern hemisphere, I invite you to ponder…where are you holding on too tightly? Where does your life feel too managed? What might it feel like to soften your hold on the reigns, to open to the possibility of trust and transformation?

Reclaim Your Wild Feminine is a sacred nine-month journey back home to your lush, wildly feminine landscape. This intimate one-on-one coaching offer is for you if you long to feel wild, embodied, free, and wise, but continuously feel tight and constrained. It is a journey of depth and levity, a reclamation of all that you are as a woman.

For more information on Reclaim Your Wild Feminine, visit my website or schedule your free 30-minute Soul Dive session via my online scheduler.