Emerge – Online Qoya-Inspired Class

Emerge – Online Qoya-Inspired Class


Honor what is ready to EMERGE in you in this online Dancing Wild Qoya-inspired movement class.



Join me on Saturday, August 14th from 11am – 1pm CST for a special online Dancing Wild Qoya-inspired class exploring the theme of EMERGE. Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, what in you is ready to emerge and spring into life?

This Qoya class is dedicated to honoring and calling forth the creative energy that is emergent in you. 

In this Qoya-inspired class, it doesn’t matter what it looks like; what matters is how the movement feels in your body. You are welcome to join with your camera on, but if you feel more comfortable, you can also dance with your camera off. This class is open to all who identify as women, and you don’t need any dance experience or expertise.



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