Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

We remember more of our true essence as women as being WISE, WILD, and FREE.

Wise, wild, and free also draws reference to the three types of movement we practice in every Qoya class.

  • Wise for the wisdom traditions of yoga
  • Wild for the creativity inherent in dance
  • Free for the freedom to feel pleasure in our bodies through feminine, sensual movement

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Qoya is open to women of ALL skill levels.

No previous dance or yoga experience is required! There are no levels in Qoya, and one of the wonderful things about this practice is that it doesn’t matter what it LOOKS like to anyone else. What matters is how it feels in your own body. There is also no way to do Qoya wrong; the way that you know you are doing it right, is that it FEELS GOOD to you. Even more important than it feeling good, is that it resonates as TRUE.

The Dancing Wild

The Dancing Wild is the first season of Uncage the Wildness Within, an experiential year-long program for women yearning to unearth and embody their wild feminine energy that begins on March 17th. In The Dancing Wild we will explore how we can work with dance to come back home to our bodies, reclaim our inherent magic, and break the spell of the Tyrant King to feel the wildness, freedom, and belonging that we have searched for. Applications for Uncage the Wildness Within open February 11, 2021.

Leading up to the launch of Uncage the Wildness Within in March, I am offering several workshops that feature Qoya-inspired movement in February and March, as well as one full-length Qoya class on February 13th. Find the full schedule and register here.