For the past few months, I have been working on my book, but the structure of it, the bones, kept eluding me. I have a lot of Capricorn in my chart. This means I love a good structure; I feel like it can heighten the content and meaning of what is contained within it. Finally, on the last full moon, I received a download of divine inspiration.

I am writing a book on the feminine cycle of transformation. The other side of the hero’s the journey. The moments in our lives where life falls away for a while so that we can access a deeper truth that lives within.

I also saw for the first time how this mythical, story-based dimension guides my coaching.

As we sit on the cusp of a new year and a new decade, where are you in your story? What is your own personal myth? How does your storyline intersect and interweave with the greater storylines unfolding through the cosmos?

In the coaching world, story often gets a bad rap.

That’s just your story.

Who are you without your story?

Let go of the story you are telling yourself.

And I understand. Sometimes we repeat the same damn storyline to ourselves over and over again, casting ourselves in the role of victim or villain. These stories keep us trapped, playing roles that we are hungry to outgrow. We search for evidence in our lives to validate these stories, and seem doomed to recreate them time after time.

To me, these are the small stories of which we are but characters. But what if we get to not only play different parts in the story, but also to help write our own myth?

We are myth-makers. Through story, we find and create meaning in our lives. Without story, our souls feel bereft and untethered to space and time.

When we see the larger patterns in our lives, the grand mythical sweepings that move us, we can anchor into the part of the story that we are living at that time, which brings a certain level of peace, surrender, and acceptance.

For example, if you feel as if the rug has just been pulled out from under you, everything in your life is shifting and you have lost your bearings, you might be in the underworld. The chrysalis. What you thought you knew is falling away; you are melting down into your very essence so that you can rise as more of yourself.

Without this mythical standpoint, it is easy to feel solely like a victim, that life is happening to you, and that you are alone. We wonder what we did to deserve such an experience.

When seen through the mythical lens, yes you might still feel this way, but you can also place your experience into a larger, shared context. You know where you are in the transformation cycle; you can place yourself in the greater story of unfolding, and therefore can enter into it more fully and consciously. Even though you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, you know that eventually it will come, which can make the dark less frightening. It is a part of the process that cannot be rushed, but perhaps has some gold that will eventually make itself known to you.

We are also part of the larger, collective myths that are surfacing at this time. We can see how differently we experience the world based upon the myths that we are living, and which characters we cast ourselves as.

The collective myth of which I see myself as a part is the rising of the feminine. The sanctification of matter. The birth of a world that is grounded in embodiment, equality, and empathy. A world that is rooted in sustainability, and that respects the sovereignty of all living beings. The sacred marriage of the yin and yang energies within each individual and society as a whole.

It is often this collective myth that resonates with the women that I work with. Each of us carries a sacred part of this great transition of the turning of the ages in some way.

If this is you, you desire to create a new way of living and being in relationship with one another and the world. It might be in the way that you work or the way that you parent or how you live in relationship to nature.

And yet you might feel trapped. You naturally swim against the grain by your very being, but your conditioning to be nice, good, and pleasing prevents you from fully embodying your own wisdom. You are afraid of owning and speaking your truth, because on some level you are still searching for validation from the very system that you wish to dismantle.

This is because many of us are stuck between two competing myths: The patriarchal one that we long to leave behind (but that has left internalized residue within us all – perfectionism, pleasing, achieving, the need for external validation, black or white thinking, being up in the head, etc.), and the new myth that we are co-creating in real time.

It is the women who find themselves in this gap that I love to work with, to help them midwife their own rebirth. To see, and therefore to shed, the old myth for one that feels more resonant and nourishing. To trust in their own role, their own sacred piece of the puzzle, of bringing this new myth into being. To be not just a character in their individual story and the greater story, but a writer and co-creator as well.

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