Working with Linda has been a truly transformational experience. I first started following her blog several months ago, and there was one particular post that triggered me (in a good way!) to send her an inquiry to talk. Our first call was energizing and I could tell that this was a good fit – my initial interest in working with her was driven by my need to feel confidence professionally, but as I quickly realized, all of those insecurities about my new career and business stemmed from personal challenges that have been repressed for years. Linda asks questions in a gentle way to help me recognize some habits that were causing me to stay small and stagnant, and with our bi-weekly calls, I gained clarity in my vision and confidence in my ability to own my truth and speak with authenticity, rather than ‘chameleon’ my way through life to be whoever I thought others wanted me to be. I learned I am not all to everyone, and that my business cannot and should not appeal to the masses – so I am now really excited to carve my niche and stay true to my expertise and lived experience.


I had painted myself into a corner, and I felt the weight of it subconsciously but couldn’t identify it until Linda pointed it out to me – wow, she said, that’s quite a small box you’ve put yourself in. The walls were closing in and it felt suffocating, but just identifying that was freeing. As a former teacher, rules and systems were comfortable for me – I am now breaking free from the confines of discipline and structure, which was keeping me small, trapped, and fearful. I am discovering my inner Empress and queenly energy, gradually learning to stop reacting (and start responding genuinely), and using conscious energy in conversations to see where I let my ‘little girl’ take over. It is a messy vulnerable process, and Linda helps me navigate the muddy waters and swim toward the shore of Wise Womanhood.