Uncage the Wildness Within Intro Workshop

This is a jam-packed two-hour online workshop where we dive deep into understanding how the inner cage of the Good Girl, Rebel, and Tyrant King might be showing up in our lives and also how we begin to remember and reclaim our inherent Wise & Wild Woman. This is not a fluffy workshop; it is full of valuable information that you can take with you into your life. In this two hours, you will:

  • Learn to identify the main three archetypes that make up the inner cage: The Good Girl, The Rebel and the Tyrant King
  • Explore how this dysfunctional dance and dynamic between these three energies keeps you from trapped and away from your wholeness.
  • Be exposed to a map that I have created to shed this consciousness and embody the wise and wild woman you were always meant to become
  • Learn how to cultivate more of the Wise and Wild Woman energy in your life
  • Embody the energy of the Wise & Wild Woman through 30 minutes of movement & dance (no dance experience necessary)

I have two introductory workshops scheduled for the fall of 2021. Click here to visit Eventbrite, get all the information, and register.

Releasing Control – Fall Workshop – Saturday, November 20th

Tightly grasping to a sense of control is a hallmark pattern of the Tyrant King/Good Girl dynamic. By controlling ourselves, other people, and, if we could, the whole world to maintain a sense of safety and order. There is a deeply held belief, that when everything is under control, we will finally be able to relax.

But that day never comes.

And that is because the more tightly we grip to control, we actually create more stress and anxiety for ourselves and those around us. In this workshop, we will explore what it might feel like to surrender, what fears stand in the way, and the relationship between control, surrender, and agency. More details and registration information coming soon!

Welcoming the Fruitful Dark – Online Qoya-Inspired Class

Join us online on the evening of Saturday, October 30th to invite in the fruitful darkness of winter. In this 90-minute Qoya-inspired movement class, we will call in the energy of the soulful Dark Muse Beloved (in the words of Bill Plotkin). Come dance your own relationship to fruitful darkness. More information and registration opening soon!