Fear of Visibility Workshop with Larisa Noonan

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Fear of Visibility

How Fundamentalism Stops Your Soul From Shining

Do you notice an attitude of ‘it’s all or nothing; now or never’ in yourself? A ‘life or death’ sense of urgency or desperation? A fear of being visible in sharing your precious gifts and skills with the world? Or even of sharing your most authentic self with others?

If so, the Pattern of Fundamentalism is likely at play.

As I see it, fundamentalism is a pattern arising over generations out of unresolved trauma. It is a way of seeking control (over self, others, the world) in order to feel safe, in order to mitigate the feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, fear, pain that unresolved trauma perpetuates.

Fundamentalism casts the world into stark black and white (fundamentalism is rooted in the binary). There is little-to-no room for nuance. Further, fundamentalism judges one aspect of the binary as good, the other as bad.

For instance, success is good; failure is bad.

Even further, fundamentalism casts that judgement (and shame) onto the individual themselves.

ie: If I fail and failure is bad, then I am bad.

No wonder the sense of urgency and desperation! No one wants to fail and be bad!

Fear of visibly sharing our soul and gifts is also often rooted in this ‘right/wrong’ binary including a fear of being punished if we don’t get/do [everything] exactly ‘right.’

In this 1-hr experiential workshop:

We will explore and begin to dismantle the Pattern of Fundamentalism in relation to sharing your wild essence and soul work with the world.

We’ll talk about what this pattern is and how to recognize it both in yourself and in the world around you. From there, we explore steps towards the dismantling of this pattern.

As we reconcile this pattern, we discover greater capacity for being visible in our authenticity (and our imperfection), for living into right timing, and for sharing our soul’s gifts with others in ways that also nourish and support ourselves.

The details

When: January 25th at 3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 12:30pm PST
Where: online via zoom

This workshop will not be recorded; live attendance is required.

Your Guide and Teacher, Larisa Noonan

This free workshop will be led by my friend and beloved colleague Larisa Noonan. Larisa is an ancestral healing practitioner and shadow work coach who supports witchy healers in shining their soul-work into the world.

You can register for this workshop via the link below. Please note that by registering for this workshop your email be added to both Linda and Larisa’s newsletter lists. A separate email will be sent to you with the Zoom link after registration.

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