Wild Woman Sessions

Intuitive One-On-One Coaching Sessions

For midlife women ready to shed pleasing and perfectionism to live wild and free.

A Wild and Soulful Longing.

You can envision the life that you want to live.

It is earthy and wild, embodied and soulful. It smells of fresh grass in spring, crinkles under your feet like fall leaves, and cycles with the season. It is a life where you know what is true for you and you have the courage to utter it out loud and live it into being. You yearn for a life where you feel truly alive and free.

Yet despite this yearning, for much of your adulthood you’ve felt trapped. As you approached midlife you started making some BIG changes. Maybe you switched careers, started your own business, left a longterm relationship, or moved somewhere that you didn’t know a soul. For the first time in your life, you went against all the external expectations and did something for no other reason than because it felt right to you.

But it hasn’t turned out the way you envisioned.

After the initial rush of newness wore off, you still didn’t feel wildly creative.

As you move towards that big, wild, messy, creative life that you yearn for, it seems to move a step farther away. You can never seem to get there. This is such a frustrating place to be. Trust me, I know. I thought leaving the corporate world to start my own business would allow me to feel wild, free, and authentic. For a time, it did. But then all those old feelings started to return, which was both confusing and discouraging. I had dared to take the leap, so why did I still not feel wild and free?

After working with dozens of clients over the past 6 years, I am coming to see that my experience is not unique. The dramatic departure from the known in the external world is only the beginning of the journey; it’s just opening the door.

Why the big change wasn’t enough.

Your old life was the result of a whole host of choices that you had made that were not based on your true soul desires.

They were based on pleasing others, meeting someone else’s expectations, meeting someone else’s needs (even if that meant negating your own needs and desires to do what was expected), being liked by other people, and proving your worth to other people. You see the pattern here: you made your choices based upon how they would look to other people.

Making the big external change, though it was indeed a step towards saying ‘yes’ to your own wild soul desires, only dealt with the result of ONE of those choices. You fixed the symptom without ever acknowledging or healing the root cause: That as an adult woman, you were still trying to be the good little girl. 

The Good Girl

When you are trapped in good girl energy, you lose touch with what is actually true for you.

Being trapped in good girl energy looks like:

  • pleasing, appeasing, and over-achieving
  • striving for goals that were never your own
  • trying (so hard) to live up to standards that never belonged to you
  • trying (so hard) to be who you thought others needed you to be
  • a muzzled life were you can never risk speaking your unfiltered truth
  • continuously barking up the wrong tree, looking for validation in all the wrong places both internally and externally, which only further erodes your trust in yourself
  • living your life reactively, from the outside in and not creatively, from the inside out

This pattern is slowly killing you, your creativity, and your wildness.

The Hard Truth…

The barrier to you living the wild and soulful life that you most long for is you. Yes, you. Even you who likes to think of yourself as a rebel, fighting against the patriarchal status quo. In fact, especially you. In all likelihood, your Good Girl has been unconsciously running the show for quite a while.

This is why, try as you might, you haven’t been able to escape the trap.

It’s been within you this whole time.

I know that realization can be discouraging. But it’s also empowering.

Because the good news is that the wild life you are longing for already lives within you as well. You just have to slow down and turn towards yourself to finally set it free.

The Wild Woman Sessions…

  • Are available in packages of six hour-long sessions to be used in three months for new clients.
  • Once you have worked with me, you are able to schedule single Wild Woman Sessions ad hoc
  • The Wild Woman package, including six hour-long intuitive sessions, is $750
  • To schedule your free Soul Diving Session, email me at SingingBirdHealth@gmail.com


If you have any questions, please email me at singingbirdhealth@gmail.com!

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