Wild Woman Sessions

Intuitive One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Own your wisdom, unleash your wild authenticity, and embrace paradox.

Claim Your Wisdom.

Own the value of your lived experience. Share your soul stories as part of your sacred medicine.

Far too many exceptional women do not trust in the truth that lives within them. We are afraid to know what we know, and to share what we know. We hide behind our degrees and coursework, believing that our confidence is to be found in the next certification. But somehow we never seem to get there. In the Wild Woman Sessions, I am just as interested in the hard-won wisdom of your lived experiences, as in the mental knowledge you have acquired through books and education.

One of my gifts is to the see the gifts of others. To bring them to light. To reflect them back to you. To amplify them. Many of these gifts are intrinsic to who you are as a human being; part of the sacred fabric of your being. Which is why they are often overlooked and undervalued. It’s time to change that.

Unleash your Wild Authenticity.

Shed patterns of people pleasing and playing small, and shine the light of your full self out into the world.

As women, we have been taught to be “good girls”. To play by the rules. To not rock the boat. To not take up too much space. Over time, we absorb these cultural voices and take them on as our own, painting ourselves into smaller and smaller boxes of who we are “allowed” to be and what we are “supposed” to do with our lives. In the Wild Woman Sessions, we will unearth your wild authenticity – who you are at your core and the creative expression of that in the world – and begin to boldly put that forth into the world.

Embrace Paradox.

Move into the Conscious Feminine energy by embracing paradox. Stop painting yourself and your life in black and white, and explode into the full range of what is possible.

In the Wild Woman Sessions, we reclaim those parts of you that have been hidden, that have longed to have a voice. It might be your softness and vulnerability or your fierceness and power…or all of the above! Overly masculine black or white thinking forces us to cut off pieces of ourselves, even when we long for WHOLENESS. By learning to embrace paradox, you will not only be able to hold space for all partsĀ of you, but for all parts of life as well.

You will learn to speak your truth with confidence and conviction, AND to listen to those whose experiences do not align with your own. You will learn to lead with vulnerability, AND have fierce boundaries. When we move from either/or into both/and, a whole new world of possibility arises.

How does it work?

Wild Woman Sessions are hour-long intuitive coaching calls.

available in three-month, six-session package to new clients

Wild Woman Sessions are conducted over the phone, via FaceTime, or via Skype, so you can be located anywhere in the world.

These sessions follow an intuitive flow, trusting in what arises and wants to be shared, i.e. there is no set structure or topic for each session. You will be responsible for bringing to the session what you are moving through and dancing with in your own life. I will offer you my conscious feminine presence and wisdom, helping you to see where you are not claiming your own wisdom, where you are stuck in pleasing and the need for external validation, and how you may be cutting yourself off from the freedom, authenticity, and juicy, colorful life that you truly long for.

One-on-one coaching is an intimate relationship. To ensure that we are a good fit to work together, in order to register for the six-session Wild Woman Package, you will first need to schedule your initial Soul Diving Session. This is a free 30 minute coaching call where I will be able to understand your desires and struggles at this time, and you will be able to experience the way that I work with clients.

To summarize, Wild Woman Sessions…

  • Are available in packages of six hour-long sessions to be used in three months for new clients.
  • Once you have worked with me, you are able to schedule single Wild Woman Sessions ad hoc
  • The Wild Woman package, including six hour-long intuitive sessions, is $750
  • Single ad hoc sessions are available to previous/existing clients for $150/session


If you have any questions, please email me at singingbirdhealth@gmail.com!

Love From Clients