Uncage the Wildness Within

Uncage the Wildness Within


Quarterly seasonal sessions exploring the four paths to unearthing your wild feminine: Dancing, Creating, Dreaming, and Resting. Please verify that you can attend dates and times listed below.

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The Four Seasons Of Uncage The Wildness Within

Seasonal Session Dates


March 17th – April 28th – The Dancing Wild

June 16th – July 28th – The Expressive Wild (Creativity)

September 22nd – November 10th – The Dreaming Wild

December 29th – February 9th – The Slow & Soulful Wild (Rest)


The main Zoom calls for each session will take place on Saturdays from 11am – 12:15pm CST. The opening and closing circles/ceremonies will take place on the following Wednesday evenings from 6 – 8pm CST: March 17, April 28, June 16, July 28, September 22, November 10th, December 29, and February 9. (Please note, there will be no live class Saturday, October 16th.)


Please make sure to mark these dates and times in your calendar, as the live calls are instrumental to the program and recordings will NOT be provided.


The Ten Things Each Of The Quarterly Sessions Will Include:


Thing #1 – Weekly Calls: Each week, for six weeks, you’ll get to join a 75-minute Zoom call. The subject of the weekly calls will weave into the subject of that particular session. For example, in the Dancing Wild, our weekly calls will consist of 30-40 minutes of Qoya-inspired movement followed by a sharing circle. For the Creative Wild, you will have an opportunity to share your creation from that week and learn to utilize the language of curiosity when approaching your own and another’s work, breaking down the desire for praise and the fear of criticism instilled by your Tyrant King. These calls are the meat of the work, where you will be able to practice revealing yourself in a loving community and break through the fears of your Good Girl. Being able to attend these calls live is crucial to getting the most out of this program.


Thing #2 – Weekly Videos: introducing a new wildly feminine practice or idea for you to experiment with. These practices take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, and will be a way for you to integrate the subject matter that we are diving into that week. For example, it might be creating your own movement ritual or doing a yoga nidra. 


Thing #3 – Daily Journal Prompt: to help you deepen into your practice and explore potential areas where you can shed the consciousness of the Tyrant King


Thing #4 – An Opening And Closing Ceremony Via Zoom: Together, we will invite in and close the sacred space for the energy of the session. The opening and closing ceremonies are ways to open up the portal to the soulful realms we will be meandering through. 


Thing #5 – Ritual suggestions: Each quarter you will get one or more suggestions as a group of rituals you can do to anchor in the themes of that session. Ritual is a beautiful way to integrate the wisdom and learnings of this program, and to deepen your individual connection to your wild feminine soul. 


Thing #6 – A Community Forum / Facebook group: connect with the other women in the program and share your creations, new songs you have discovered for movement rituals, or your favorite soulful rest practices. This is a way to support and celebrate one another on the journey.  


Thing #7 – Weekly Email Access To Me: throughout the entire year-long program you’ll be able to email me once weekly to ask questions or share discoveries.


Thing #8 – An Extended Qoya Class Between Each Session: These will continue to deepen into the process. Qoya is a movement practice based upon the idea that through movement we remember our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free. Wise from the wisdom traditions of yoga, Wild from the creative expression inherent in dance, and free for the freedom to be able to feel good in our bodies via sensual movement.


Thing #9 – A Reduced Rate On One-On-One Coaching Sessions: $125/session which is reserved for those who have finished a one-on-one coaching package. Outside of the container of this group, individual coaching sessions are not available. 


Thing #10 – Workshop Discount: Access to all my workshops throughout the year at a discounted rate of 33% off (not available for any workshops that are co-hosted)

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