What would it feel like in your body to come home to yourself? To hold loving space for all of your own contradictions? To trust that you belong to your body, your community, and the land?

Qoya Movement – Come Home To Your Body

Through Qoya movement, we will climb back into our bodies, reclaiming them as our home in this human lifetime. We will let go of old, worn out notions of how are bodies are supposed to look, and instead, tune into how we FEEL. What feels good in your body? What resonates as truth? How do you move through the world when you feel at home in your body?

Sacred Labyrinth – Come Home To Your Heart’s Wisdom

Through walking the beautiful labyrinth at South Wind Equestrian Center, we will come home to the wisdom of our hearts. Remembering that the answers that we seek already lie within us, we just need to slow down, grow quiet, and listen.

Nature – Come Home To Your Wildness

Through time spent in silence and solitude in nature, we will come back home to our wildness, our sense of belonging to the natural world. Through deepening our embodied relationship with ourselves, we open to being in deeper relationship with the wild beings that surround us. Plants. Trees. Rocks. Horses. When you honor your own wildness and sovereignty, you begin to honor the sovereignty of all other lifeforms.

Fire Ceremony – Come Home To Your Soul

Through a sacred fire ceremony to close our day, we will come home to the freedom of our own souls. We will ritually let go of that which holds us back from ourselves and keeps us from feeling the sense of belonging that we most long for.

Pertinent Details

Date: Saturday, October 12th

Time: 3:30 – 8:00pm

Where: South Wind Equestrian Center, 15214 Faubion Trail, Leander, Texas (For directions, click here)

Cost: $177

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