Linda’s sweet and soulful presence radiates a sense of calm to all around her. This was true for me the first time we spoke and continues to grow with each session, workshop, and encounter I’m lucky enough to have with her. Linda is deeply rooted spiritually, thoughtful, inquisitive, wild, funny, and gracious–all things she encourages her participants to explore within themselves. She has a profound way of leading by example, and I am eternally grateful for all I’ve learned from her.

Working with Linda feels like a warm embrace after a long journey–a homecoming to all that is within. She guides her clients to uncover the truest places within themselves and supports integrating them into daily life in practical ways. Through Linda’s gentle leadings I can see that I have become a new version of myself–the best gift she could ever give.

My experiences with Linda have helped me return to the wild and free woman I was born to be. Whether through intimate meditations and conversations through coaching or letting everything go through movement and dance, every encounter I’ve had with Linda has been transformational and has come at the precise moment my heart needed it. If your intuition has led you to consider working with her, go for it! It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.