A feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never been.

A longing. A frustration. A sense of constriction.

You are hungry for something that you can’t quite articulate or put your finger on.

You can numb the yearning temporarily, but nothing seems to satiate it. You fantasize of leaving it all behind and starting fresh, but it seems so daunting. What if you make the wrong move or regret changing something and then can never go back to the way it was? Worse, what if you make the journey and still never find what you are looking for?

Fear of the unknown keeps you locked in place. Stuck. Spinning in circles. You long to break free, but you don’t know how.

Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with you.

That longing you feel is real.
That place you feel pulled towards (but have no idea where it is) is real.

It is the voice of your wild feminine soul calling you home.

And the journey back is transformative.

Scary and challenging at times, but also joyous, freeing, and enlivening beyond what you can even imagine.

It’s a journey back to wholeness. To your feminine nature. To the instinctual wildness within.



Returning to what you were always meant to be.

Though it may be new to you, this is a journey as old as time.

One that you were born ready for.

Reclaim Your Wild Feminine is a ritualized, sacred nine month journey to reclaim your wholeness as a woman.

While this journey is deep and profound, we tread lightly, guided by curiosity and openness. We welcome both tears and laughter as sacred teachers.

This is an ancient rite of passage that has been buried and long-forgotten in our masculine-dominant culture.

It is the initiation from girlhood to womanhood, where we claim our fullness, our agency, our sovereignty, our ability to live a life that is rooted in what truly matters to us.

Woman, it is time for you to shed the skin that has become far too small and constricting, and grow into the woman that you are meant to become.

Part 1... Unearthing Your Wild Feminine

The Remembering...

The first phase in reclaiming your wild feminine nature is a sacred remembering.

Re-membering, calling all parts of yourself back home, putting back together who you were before you learned who you ought to be. Because this journey is not about becoming someone else, but rather stripping away all that is not you so that you can become more fully yourself. To do this you must awaken, open your eyes to a new way of seeing, and discern what does and does not belong to you. What patterns and ways of being in the world were you taught that do not actually align with the truth of who you are?

In the remembering, we tease apart and gently unravel that carefully cultivated persona, the person you became in order to be accepted and belong. The girl who has hidden the complexity and truth of her wholeness beneath a cloak of “fitting in” and is only able to reveal a sliver of who she actually is. The girl who hid her truth so well she nearly forgot it herself.

We lightly pull at the seams of that cloak to see what is meant to unravel and what is an inherent part of the fabric of your being.

In The Remembering we....

  • See clearly what has held you back from embracing your wild feminine energy so that you can release what’s not longer serving you
  • Untangle and rewrite your learned patterns so you can be free to embrace the wild, authentic you.
  • Explore the cloak(s) that you wear, the roles you put on (the pleaser, the unhealthy little girl, the profane masculine), where they came from, and how they show up and behave. You get to see them for what really they are – worn out protections that you no longer need.
  • Shift your consciousness and break the patterns that have kept you small and constrained so that you can make different choices, and open to new opportunities and possibilities about who you are
  • Climb back into your body, exploring and shedding cultural narratives regarding the female body that you may have absorbed
  • Release the false persona that has been keeping you CAGED IN
  • Remember back into being who you are beneath the cloak, the fullness that belongs to your timeless and true wildly feminine soul.

Release all that you are not, so that you can become more fully who you are.

The remembering is like the descent of Goddess Inanna; this is the journey from the suburbs of your soul to the heart of the forest that lives deep within your heart. Sometimes you have to let go of what you learned in the suburbs, even the pieces that have served you there, so that you can get to the truth of who you really are.

Part 2...Claiming Your Wild Feminine

The Reclamation...

In the reclamation, we venture deep into the woods, into the underworld, to reclaim what was lost when you became who you thought others wanted you to be.

You get back into your body, find your feelings and values, and own your soul stories. You collect the pieces of yourself that were deemed “unacceptable” and pushed down. The parts that were too loud, too big, too dramatic, too honest, too wild, too messy, too emotional, too moody, too quiet. You look all those parts in the face and you love them back into wholeness.

In the reclamation phase we...

  • Gently guide you to feel all of the feelings that you were not allowed to, giving space and voice to all parts of yourself within a safe and sacred container
  • Come face to face with your shadow and by accepting her, you reclaim your wholeness as a woman
  • Discover your own perspective, thoughts, values, emotional range, and life force apart from what you were taught was “appropriate”
  • Pull back your projections, both positive and negative, to see yourself and others clearly
  • Take back your power
  • Learn to know and be with yourself, just as you are
  • Reclaim your feminine wisdom…the wisdom of the body, your dreams, and your relationship with nature

Find out who you truly are and love her into wholeness.

In the Reclamation phase, much like Inanna in the underworld, you are naked. You have stripped off your old persona and the illusions that you carried of yourself and others. You are in the forest; it is dark. You may lose your bearings for a while, as your eyesight adjusts. You learn to ground into your body and feel your way through, trusting the many eyes of intuition and instinct. Then, suddenly, by bringing the light of consciousness deep into the forest of your being, you begin to see clearly for the first time.

Part 3... Living Your Wild Feminine

The Rise…

In the rise, you journey out of the forest and into your life, taking the treasure home with you.

You put into action what you have learned, integrating the truth and wholeness of who you are into your life, your relationships, your business. You allow your wild feminine energy to infuse all areas and aspects of your life. You get honest with yourself about what no longer feels like it is in integrity and see clearly what needs to change. Your life is no longer dictated by the fear of what others will think of you, but by a bone-deep knowing of what feels true.

In the rise, you:

  • Claim your voice and speak your truth with clarity, confidence, and conviction
  • Courageously live your wholeness and authenticity
  • Show up as yourself in relationships, no longer needing to play “the chameleon” in order to fit in and be accepted
  • Own and stand for what you need and desire in your life
  • Boldly claim your space in your life and message in your business
  • Live according to your inner values and what matters to you, not what others will think of you
  • Share what is true for you from the heart, fiercely AND softly
  • Feel more FREE, authentic, embodied, and ALIVE

You have been initiated into the ancient wisdom of the wild feminine.

This phase is like the Rise of Inanna. Where you walk out of the forest with that crystal crown upon your head, your eyes able to see clearly in the light and dark, the soles of your feet more resilient and more attuned to the world around you. You are stronger, rooted in the ground of who you are, and you are able to flow with life with grace and gratitude.

The Sacred Container... How This Works

Reclaim Your Wild Feminine is a nine-month journey made up of Wild Woman Sessions, journaling prompts, sacred practices and personalized movement rituals.

The Wild Woman Sessions are the ground upon which Reclaim Your Wild Feminine is built. These hourlong calls with me, occurring twice monthly, are an intuitive combination of soul coaching, meditation, movement, and oracle card readings. They are the crucible where we will dive deep into your transformation; I hold a sacred container for you to share what has been shifting in your life, what you have uncovered through the journaling prompts and suggested rituals, and anything else that is on your heart in that particular moment.

These sessions are fluid, in that we respond to whatever is showing up in your life in the present moment. I have no personal agenda as to what we dive into in the Wild Woman Sessions, and trust fully that whatever is appearing in your life is serving the reclamation of your Wise and Wild Woman, even if on the surface it may seem unrelated.

Every month, you will also receive specific journaling prompts that guide you into deeper inquiry of where you have absorbed cultural conditioning, what limiting beliefs you may have about embodying your feminine, what your heart and soul truly desire, and much more. These journaling questions are the backbone of Reclaim Your Wild Feminine that give this journey its structure and shape.

Every month you will also receive suggested practices and rituals to help you deepen into your experience, and allow it to integrate the mundane world with the world of the mythic and mystic.

Finally, based upon the content of our Wild Woman Sessions, I will also create customized, personalized movement rituals for you as I see fit. These will allow you to fully feel and embody what you are moving through in your life and journey.

You will also have access to me via email to ask questions, share aha moments, or however you are feeling at that particular time in between sessions.

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