Embodied Intention

A Personalized One-On-One Qoya Experience

Embodied Intention is for women who are hungry for more CLARITY, EMBODIMENT, and MEANING in their lives.


What do you desire? How do you want to feel? What do you wish to call in? What do you secretly hope to let go of?

Clarity is the first step in taking focused action on our dreams and moving boldly towards our desires. We need a north star to align our compass to. Without it, it is easy to fall into stagnation, or on the other end of the spectrum, scattered movement that lacks direction.


We have to get out of heads and stop overthinking everything.

Clarity doesn’t live solely in your head; there is also a truth that we recognize because it resonates in our bones. It is our Soul Truth and the path to access it is through embodiment. Through embodiment, we give space to ALL of ourselves, moving past the limited labels that our mind prefers and into the WILD FULLNESS of our BEING. What we discover there can be an intuitive clarity, a heart tug, a gentle pull from our soul that leads us on to our own sacred path with greater grace and ease.


Human beings are hungry for meaning. We want to feel like part of the greater whole.

To give shape and context to our human experiences, both painful and pleasurable. To know that we matter, that our contribution matters. We long for the sacred, the magical, to touch us here in our human forms, to ignite our inspiration in ways that feel nourishing both individually and collectively.

Embodied Intention has something to offer you whether you are already a Qoya devotee or brand new to the practice. If you already love Qoya, this private experience is a beautiful way to deepen and personalize your relationship with this practice. If you are brand new, it is both a gentle and powerful way to introduce yourself to the magic of Qoya in a more intimate container.

What is it exactly?

Embodied Intention is broken down into three parts:

the initial clarity call, the personalized Qoya class, and the integration session.

The initial CLARITY call is an hour-long soulful and intuitive one-on-one coaching session, where we will deep dive into where you are in your life, what’s working and what isn’t, and what you desire more of. In this session, we may investigate old patterns to see what’s been holding you back, become curious about the symbolism in your life, and dig into what lights your soul on fire. You will emerge from the clarity call with a soulful intention for the year ahead, a word or feeling that you can align your life with. That can be your North Star. I will send you initial questions to ponder that we can use as a springboard to our conversation and to help get the juices flowing!

Based upon our initial coaching session, I will create a private and personalized Qoya EMBODIMENT experience for you to embody your intention and express what you are moving through in your life. This will be a full 90-minute one-on-one guided Qoya class at a north Austin studio, complete with sacred movement and oracle cards to help you mine for your deeper soul truths. Portions of this class will also be turned into a personalized 20-minute movement ritual that you can revisit at any time. You will also be given EXCLUSIVE access to your own private playlist of songs.

Finally, we will come together for a 30-minute integration call. In this intuitive coaching session, I will help you to digest and metabolize what surfaced in your Qoya experience, and guide you to integrate your intention into your daily life.

After completion of the program, you will also receive an exclusive playlist for your movement ritual (along with basic instructions, in case you forget!), as well as a ritual recommendation to help ground your intention in a sacred and MEANINGFUL way.

To summarize, Embodied Intention includes:

  • Initial 60-minute intuitive coaching session to gain clarity around where you are now, what you desire more of, and what is standing in your way
  • 90-minute personalized and private one-on-one Qoya sacred movement class with exclusive playlist
  • 30-minute intuitive coaching integration session
  • Personalized ritual recommendation, including 15-20 minute movement ritual playlist
Price: $ 697


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*The two intuitive coaching sessions will be conducted over the phone (or via Skype/Facetime). The 90-minute Qoya class is currently only available IN-PERSON, and will be held at a studio in Austin.


If you have any questions, please email me at singingbirdhealth@gmail.com!

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