Uncage the Wildness Within

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Dismantle the inner cage to unleash your wild, messy, and meaningful life

Two-Hour Online Workshop

August 13th from 10am – 12pm CST

Workshop Details

This session is for you if you are a woman at a crossroads of sorts.

You have made some pretty big changes in your life recently (for example, quitting your job, pursuing your passion full-time, getting a divorce, or moving to a new place) because you have been seeking something elusive. A nagging feeling of discontent has crept into your day-to-day life and a longing that you can’t quite name is tugging at your hair.

You long for Freedom. Wildness. Meaning. Creativity. A big, lush, and juicy life that truly feels like your own.

You saw the pieces of your old life as a cage that you sought to escape, and once you opened that door you have been searching for that life you thought was on the other side ever since.

But much to your chagrin and frustration, it continues to elude you.

And that is because there is a cage far more powerful, more insidious, and more difficult to dismantle than any of the external structures you may have already broken free of.

And that is the cage that lives within you. The one that you carry with you regardless of where you go, what communities you join, what relationships you leave behind, how many vistas you cross, or how different your life may look on the outside.

The Cage of the Tyrant King:

That cage is what I call the consciousness of Tyrant King that you absorbed and internalized from this dysfunctional, patriarchal culture. It is a voice that paints your life in stark delineations, that barks orders that are actually in opposition to the needs of your body and your soul, and that keeps you from coloring outside of the lines.

If you responded to that voice of imposition like a Good Girl, you always try to do what is right. In fact, you are always just trying so damn hard. You want everyone to feel loved and be happy. You see the best in people. You’re the one your friends depend on. In all likelihood, you also have a propensity to take on more than you can handle, you say yes to things you actually don’t want to do, you take responsibility for others’ emotions, and you are wicked good at getting shit done and doing it well. And you’ve been rewarded for it.

If you responded to the voice of the Tyrant King like a Rebel, you pushed against what the culture told you that you ought to be. It said you had to be soft and weak, so you became strong and hardened. You pride yourself on swimming against the grain, on being different, on damning the man. You’d rather be bad than good because in this culture being good means being a boring doormat.

Or like many of us, you may unconsciously ping-pong between the two poles.

This dynamic is what has been holding you back from your wholeness, your freedom, your range, and the big, wild, messy life that you most deeply long for.

But there is another way. To embody the Wise and Wild Woman is to lay the consciousness of the Tyrant King to rest. To allow the brown and dead leaves of your old way of being to fall away, and to allow a more rooted, authentic, and sovereign version of you to grow in his place. A you that is deeply connected with both your needs and desires and the needs and desires of others. A you that is grounded in your feelings and individual values. A you that can stand firmly and boldly in your own truth, while also holding space for the truth of another to emerge. A you that is woven into the larger whole, that is intertwined with the wild soul of the world.

To embody the wise and wild woman is to come home to yourself, fully.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Learn to identify the main three archetypes that make up the inner cage: The Good Girl, The Rebel and the Tyrant King
  • Explore how this dysfunctional dance and dynamic between these three energies keeps you from trapped and away from your wholeness.
  • Be exposed to a map that I have created to shed this consciousness and embody the wise and wild woman you were always meant to become
  • Learn how to cultivate more of the Wise and Wild Woman energy in your life
  • Embody the energy of the Wise & Wild Woman through 30 minutes of movement & dance (no dance experience necessary)


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